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John de Ruiter Podcast 353

John de Ruiter Podcast 353

Comprehending Time and Destiny

When: February 23, 2019 @ 4:30pm
Where: ,
What is time in the context of eternity? What is destiny and can it be changed? In this dialogue, John explains that there are levels to both time and destiny, and that there is really only one way to comprehend their meaning.
“There isn’t anything that cannot be comprehended, understood, embodied and lived. That’s the potential of you: the potential in having a self, and a body, a mind.”
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Podcast Transcript

Comprehending Time and Destiny

Q: Could you please say something about time? And specifically the perspective of always or forever?

John: Time is relative to what body you are in. Your sense of time is different when you are in your personality than when you are in your self. Your relationship to time is also different, it changes again, when you are in your heart instead of in your self. There are levels of time, just as there are levels to reality and levels of you. As soon as you are deeper within, in you, than your own heart, your whole sense of time is again very different, that the deeper the level of your being that you’re in, the greater that difference is again. All of these differences are real. They are all real at the same time.

Q: It’s impossible to the brain to have any idea of now, and being now and being always, also, at the same time.

John: It is very possible. It isn’t possible for your self and it is what your brain is made for. Everything is able to be comprehended on every level. It’s all comprehended through embodiment. On deeper levels you can comprehend a level of your being through that body of your being, but you won’t be able to comprehend it with your mind or in your self, until that level of your being is embodied in your self, by you being that level of your being, unconditionally, in your self, in your life, at any personal expense. Once embodied, it’s comprehended right out into the surface, where you, as a being, have integrated your mind and your self from within that level of being. Then, in your self, you’re able to think and to conceptualize, to communicate that level of being that has freely taken over your self, integrated your self, and finally embodied in your self, right out into life.

Anything can be known all the way through to being clearly understood. If that much gets to freely have your self, that much direct knowledge within gets to have your self, take your self, and turn your self into the same. There isn’t anything that cannot be comprehended, understood, embodied and lived. That’s the potential of you: the potential in having a self, and a body, a mind.

Q: Can I also ask about destiny? I want to know more about it. Is this a direction?

John: Your destiny is determined by what you’re given to, what takes you, what has you. If it’s your self that has you, if it’s your life and your personality that has you, if it is want and need that has you, you are confined to an illusory destiny. You’re destined to fill out in your self what isn’t real. As soon as you shift, as awareness, into your heart, and your heart gets to have you and take you, unconditionally at any personal expense, your whole destiny shifts and begins to take form through your heart, in your self. As you awaken to, and are taken by what is much deeper than your heart, what is before your heart, your destiny changes again.

As you awaken, it isn’t the depth of your awakening, or the power of it, that changes your destiny. Knowing more, through awakening, doesn’t change your destiny. It only informs you of a new and possible destiny. Without you being your awakening, and your awakening completely having you and taking you, your destiny, regardless of what is believed, doesn’t change. Awakening doesn’t help you. Being your awakening enables that newly realized level of you, way deep within, to come into your self, have everything that you thought was yours. Then it all becomes your new ground of being, ground of being in your self. That change of ground in your self, because it’s taken over by your being, is your change of destiny, realized in your self.

Your destiny is all subject to you, whether you are being separate from what you’ve awakened to, or given to it, and thereby one with it. Everything is subject to you, awareness, in response to what you know or away from what you know: separate or one. All of that power you have. Your past, your conditioning, your mind, your self, don’t have any power that you don’t give it. The different levels of destiny are determined by the different levels of awareness being one, or the illusory sense of destiny: awareness being separate.

But you know what you know in the quietude of your heart, and deeper. You know your love and you’re free to be taken by it. Don’t believe anything that you don’t directly know the truth of, and believe everything that you directly, in the quietude of your heart, and deeper, know the truth of.

Q: That clarity is not yet available without direct connection to you.

John: It’s all easily covered. The distractions in a conditioned self and in this world are without end. Whatever it is that helps you to the quietude of what you know in your heart and deeper, respond to. That’s all part of what you know. It’s all real connectivity to what you really are.

Q: Thanks.

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