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John de Ruiter Podcast 322

John de Ruiter Podcast 322

Called and Given to a Life of Oneness

When: November 24, 2017 @ 2:00pm
In response to the sharing of a profound experience by the man in this dialogue, John explains the connection between the Calling, our energy centres and the manifestation of oneness in this life.
“The movement through your energy centres based on your givenness to direct knowledge is what allows you, within your self, to be completely taken by you as a being. It’s what lets your being have your self.”
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Podcast Transcript

Called and Given to a Life of Oneness

Q: I’d like to talk to you about what appears as different spatial directions in my interior. I have a sense of moving down, into the deep, the travel ways through the subconscious, a sense of moving forward which opens a field of conscious, moving into a clear field. There’s no real separation in that, and then a sense of moving up which, appears like it’s moving the cosmic, up and also down, and sideways direction, which is really expansive. I’ve been aware of this infiltration that you’ve been talking about and also the consuming of you and of what you are. I move into you somehow, a gravitational pull, pulling me right back, like a portal, that would be superseding everything else in meaning and value.

John: Yes.

Q: I’m being pulled back but I’m also at the front of it, it just goes way, way back.

John: It’s your awakening to the calling that pulls you back. The deeper your response to what you directly know opens up the portal behind you. It draws you back into what is completely other than your self. In that, you come into levels of your being. The further back, the more alien these levels are to anything that you can relate to in your self. It’s also where all of the power is.

Q: How would I move further back? Just being with it?

John: More than with it. If it’s with it, you’ll be including something of your self. The way to move into it is in your givenness. In being given to what you directly know, what you’re responding to takes you. What you’re taken by is what you directly know the truth of and is all other than your self.

Q: This pull is a direct form of the calling.

John: Yes.

Q: And it’s what you’re coming from. It just moves into my whole body so it’s like a source of energy that powers the continuing movement. It fuels the whole process, somehow.

John: That’s because the calling addresses directly, from the inside out, all of your energy centres at once.

Q: You’ve spoken to me about givenness before. Anywhere that I‘m not given is the impediment, it’s like there’s a rocket idling on the launch pad. Are you able to say anything more about what you see in the, in where I’m not given?

John: It doesn’t matter where you’re not given. What matters is that givenness to what you directly know is your movement. Givenness doesn’t address lack; it addresses only what it directly knows. It’s the address of awareness to direct knowledge. In the givenness, awareness comes into a fusion. Awareness is absolutely taken in the givenness to direct knowledge. It’s an instant alchemy. The givenness can move through any of the energy centres, but it begins to slow until all of the others are included.

Q: Is there anything you could say about this sense of spatial that I spoke about, the very distinct qualities to these movements and the way that they appear as directional from my inner perspective? They don’t seem to be related to energy centres in the same way as the body energy centres are. They seem to be distinct from that, somehow.

John: You have that sense because your unseen levels, all the levels of your being, all unseen form to your being, has a perfectly balanced charge to it. All form, seen and unseen, is polarized. In your seen forms, the polarization is out of balance. In the unseen forms, the forms of your being, the polarization is all in perfect and complete balance. These charges enable you, awareness, to register the differences. It enables you within one level of your being to move together with another level of your being. It enables you to distinguish levels of you.

As you move in all of this, what naturally comes about, within your self, is a mapping: an understanding of the levels of you, and the regions of you within those levels. The only space in which there doesn’t need to be anything polarized is in you, awareness; you awareness filling all of your forms; you, un-polarized, within all of your beautifully polarized forms.

It’s a charge in awareness that puts awareness on the controlling side of your energy centres which puts your self in control. When there’s no charge, no polarization in awareness, that lets you move through your energy centres – all of them – in response to direct knowledge. The opening of your energy centres is what allows your unseen forms to pass through these energy centres, filling your self and taking your self; your being having full possession of your self.

Q: These different aspects of what I move into are different levels, are they different levels of me or of my being, for instance this movement forward?

John: They are all different regions of you. These regions are in every level of you.

It’s the movement through your energy centres of your unseen levels, the levels of your being, that enable you as a being to come right into the physical. It enables you as a being to come all into your body and to function in physical reality. The movement through your energy centres, based on your givenness to direct knowledge, is what allows you, within your self, to be completely taken by you as a being. It’s what lets your being have your self. In that, you relinquish your powers in your self to your powers in your being. It’s the direct giving over of your self and your life, all of your seen forms, to what you directly awaken to of your unseen forms, all the way from the outside in, to the innermost outwards. It enables your entrance from within your self through your heart to your being and then your entrance as a being, through your heart into all of your self. It enables you as a being to integrate your self.

Your givenness to what you know within all of your unseen forms, the levels of your being, enables your unseen forms, by you, awareness, to take on all of your seen forms. Your seen forms come into balance in all of their polarity by your polarized unseen forms that are already in complete balance.

Q: As I’m sitting here I can sense there’s a dynamic movement from the deep that’s flooding into my self. And the sense of givenness where nothing else really matters in the same way. All these directions are opening up again now and it’s like me as awareness just in the middle.

John: It’s like you, awareness, centred in your self, moving about in physical reality, whereas this is you awareness centred in your being, having your movement within the unseen levels of physical reality. This enables you, in your body, to comprehend your being. It opens up levels of sensation in your body that aren’t conceivable to your self. It’s sensation in your body that has to do with the deeper levels of your body, the unseen levels of your body, becoming physical: your being, coming into your nervous system, through the opening in your brain. It all opens through your givenness, as awareness, to direct knowledge: awareness one with knowing, enabling your being, through you, to become one with your self. In this oneness of your unseen forms and your seen forms, as you live, your self and your being exist interpenetrating. In the oneness of the two, each is continually coming into the other.

At first, in being given to what you directly know, you are moved by your being. All of your control is given to you, as a being. It’s where your relationship with power first comes into balance. In that way, your power centres become your energy centres because you are on the being side of them. On the self side of your energy centres, they’re experienced as your power centres. As you come into your being, your power centres turn into your energy centres. The difference is that in your power centres, you have them whereas in your energy centres, they have you. They’re not experienced or viewed as yours anymore. Instead, they are you.

In the givenness first you are moved by what you are as a being, moved by your being. As you come into a deeper level of your givenness, as you physicalize your givenness, you come into moving with your being. As you come into the deeper levels, the deeper levels of your being, where you integrate their powers, you come into moving your being; moving your being into your self and then moving your being as a self: a being and a self integrated as one functional whole.

Q: And the personal self and the personal person have been displaced, or there’s been a dissolution of anything that isn’t coming from the deep?

John: Yes. Awareness not polarized, having no charge, becomes one with the being that comes into and has the self.

In coming into the being there’s a loss of all sense of individuality, the sense of being individuality having been all polarized. All given up in experience, it is as good as gone, enabling you, awareness without the charge and the polarization to be in everything on the level of your being that is the same as others, that is the same as in everything. In being able to be the same, integrating being the same, you then come into the tiniest, tiniest little bit of the being that is individual. It’s almost nothing. It is first the sameness of your being that you come into and gets to have your self. As that becomes all settled and lived, it is the .001 percent of you and your being that is individual, that gets to have everything: your being your self, your heart, your life, the beyond.

The sense of individuality that we have in ourselves and as persons is almost perfectly illusory. It is something that is, to our selves, inconceivable. But as awareness within the self relaxes and comes into perfect rest, awareness turns into what is all the same as the being.

Q: And in that, there’s no separation from this pull of the calling.

John: Yes. In that, direct knowledge masters awareness and then awareness mastering direct knowledge. In our selves, we naturally relate to power and acquisition. In unconditionally returning to the heart, the doorway to the being, we go through the sweet laying down of all personal powers in our selves and all personal rights. In all personal sovereignty coming to rest perfectly, the being is made sovereign. Oneness acquires a self and a life with all of its powers. All of the seen levels of form infiltrated by all of the unseen levels of form – infiltrated like the rain infiltrating dry ground. A life, in form, of oneness.

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