John de Ruiter Podcast 518

John de Ruiter Podcast 518

The Intelligence of Love

When: June 28, 2015 @ 2:00pm
“Love, and you’ll know its intelligence.” A journey into the multilevelled body of love that lies beyond our comfort zone. John explains the role of the energy centres in allowing this love to have presence in the self.
“Your movement as oneness is love moving freely through each of your energy centres without design or purpose.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Intelligence of Love

Q: When I was in the chair last time in Tiruvannamalai, you spoke of my love for you as a quiet river, and that had many streams in it. You invited me to learn to discern within the streams and the currents, and I’ve been pondering over the main stream. In that connection, as soon as you mentioned the word ‘oneness’ I moved into meeting you in the level that I really love, but I would really like to have this understanding of the main stream. Is that like calling onto what you really are?

John: You, awareness, in response to what you know: oneness. Your movement as oneness is love moving freely through each of your energy centres without design or purpose, is the infilling of your self by all of your being. On the outside of each energy centre is a different region of your self and on the inside different regions of your being. The regions of your self belong to the regions of your being. In all of your interior, as love, move freely. Within your being are no filters and boundaries that define your self, that give you a sense of presence in your self and control in your self, for love to move freely.

In your self as a person, you naturally relate to your energy centres, but you relate to them through a complex system in your self of filters and boundaries, a complex system of structuring. All of it relates to polarity. The way within the self of being in relationship to the energy centres is by governing its opening and its closing, intricately designed by polarity. A comfort zone within the self is established over time, where you intuitively allow your energy centres to open, or you close them, depending on your experience of your self. A zone of comfort is established.

All of these energy centres are not to be points and gates of control within the self. These gates are all entrance points of your being into your self. When you, awareness, in the midst of your self are unconditionally opening and softening, you are the relaxation of your own energy centres.

As you move through your life, anything in your life that addresses your self, that affects your person positively or negatively, addresses a particular energy centre or a combination of energy centres. When you are unconditionally opening and softening, any energy centre that’s addressed freely opens, and your being freely moves into your self in response to everything that addresses your self in life.

Q: So in life, being openness and softness will be the way to allow my being to fill my energy centres?

John: To freely move through all of your energy centres.

Q: You also mentioned all of your being.

John: All that you awaken to.

Q: Can I ask you to say what the being is?

John: Perfectly interconnected dynamic structures of love. Perfect forms of what you really are. Your real multi-leveled body, body of pure you, unseen from within your self, unrecognized by this world, all your home, and how you move, how pure you moves. Your energy centres are your gates into your self.

Q: Can I keep love for this that you’ve described in front of me?

John: Not in front of you: beautifully seated in your person.

Q: The habits in the self make me dull.

John: Openness and softness, touched upon in you by every little thing that moves of life, opens your gates and through these gates you move freely as a being, washing into all of your self. All of your ways in your self of governing your gates, such as dullness, are washed clean.

When you are unconditionally open and soft, all of your gates open and your being, moved by the truth…you’ve moved by the truth…streams through these gates and has ownership of your self, your person, all of its polarity, magically changing it.

Q: Can I be unconditionally open and soft right now with you here?

John: It’s as simple as relaxing. You relax and you are love.

Q: You mention about beautifully seated in your person. When I relate to that, is that unconditionally opening and softening?

John: The opening and softening is awareness relaxed. What is seated in your person are the interconnected structures of love. It’s your presence.

The openness and softness is you, awareness, relaxed; relaxed because you know, and in that you’re one. Because of that, your interconnected multi-leveled structures of love are beautifully seated in your person. This is your presence.

Q: Did you move something in me before you spoke just now? I experienced a shift. You have mentioned about a cost before, so when you have to move something for me is there a cost to you?

John: There is no cost. There is love. When it is more than beautifully seated there is no cost. There is really only love. That is when oneness moves.

Q: I loved hearing you speak about the intelligence of love. I have loved the real intelligence of life. Is that the same?

John: No. The intelligence of life is how energy naturally balances.

Q: So if I was relating to or loving that life brings me a situation because there is a deeper intelligence in it, and it is precisely something that it or me is bringing to me, …

John: On an energy level it’s all good.

Q: What is the intelligence of love?

John: It’s the perfection of how you, how pure you, moves from within your being through your energy gates, creatively manifesting your being in your self. The perfection of that movement.

Q: Can I relate to the intelligence of love, the knowing of it?

John: Love. Love, and you’ll know its intelligence.

Q: When I love that, I’m relating to it and loving it from my personal self. Is that okay to include…the personal self to love?

John: Love is inclusive.

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