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John de Ruiter Podcast 242

John de Ruiter Podcast 242

Spiritual Awakening and the Opening of Your Energy Centres

When: April 2, 2017 @ 11:00am
We have many energy centres in our bodies. These energy gates are doorways to our being and to deeper levels of existence. The energy that trickles through them is what gives meaning to our life. How do we open these gates more fully and step into a magical being-filled life? Listen to this podcast to find out!
“When you’re in your heart, then you are through the doorway of your being. You have different doorways. They are energy gates: your chakras.”
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Podcast Transcript

Spiritual Awakening and the Opening of Your Energy Centres

Q: When you talked about the unseen life and the seen life, it connected me to experiences I had in the past and I felt disconnected from the body. I was seeing my self from the outside. Everything that’s happening is false. It’s like I’m watching a monitor, which is life, like watching a movie – like in the Matrix. I also have this two-dimensional picture that I see when I’m in a deep state of meditation. It looks like a mountain. It’s still, but it’s moving all the time. Can you connect to that in some way?

John: Yes. That which appears to be inanimate, such as a mountain, isn’t. It’s moving. It has beingness and consciousness, and it moves. That movement is always absorbing and being absorbed, so it is in relationship to everything.

Q: Is it existence? It’s the visual form of existence?

John: Yes. And then there are the much, much greater levels of form of its unseen existence, just like all of the levels of your being. When you’re identified with your self you can’t see them. Then your life is a movie kind of life.

Q: Can you explain about the levels of the being? How many levels, or how do you interact with them?

John: When you’re in your heart, then you are through the doorway of your being. You have different doorways. They are energy gates, your chakras.

Q: The chakras are the doorways to the being?

John: When you’re separate, yes.

Q: How do you mean, separate?

John: Separate from an unseen life, a being life – when you’re just being your self as though your self is you, and all you have is your life and what you do with your life. Separate from your being, this isn’t real and when you die the movie opportunity is over. It was for you as a being to be in, not for you to be. If you’re in the movie as a being you come into all of the form that you’re using as a being within the movie, so you evolve as awareness and you develop as a being. When the movie ends, when you die, you are so much more.

Q: The chakras are a tool in the movie, in the seen life, to connect to your being which is not connected to the chakras? Am I getting it right?

John: The energy gates never completely close, so the existence of the movie is completely dependent on these energy gates. There’s always something coming through, even though you may not be living by your being. With all of these trickles that are coming through your energy gates, these trickles give meaning to your life: meaning, real meaning, to you in the movie. The more that you pursue meaning in the movie, the more that the energy gates close so the trickles reduce. But as you, within the movie, relate to the resonance within each of these energy gates, these gates open and you begin to trickle a little bit into your being, giving you a little bit of real, unseen life in your life.

You can’t move as a being, from the inside out, through these energy gates into the movie without you, awareness, being in full return to what you really are which is in all of your being. When you’re home that means that your relationship to these energy gates is not from the outside in, it is from the inside out. You are in full flow into the movie, as a being, and it’s real.

Q: I’m planning on going to a Buddhist temple in the summer and after the meeting on Wednesday I felt really in my being and then I also felt all the blocks in my body and in my feelings and thoughts and I felt the direct existence. I have this thought that the Buddhist temple could help me with resolving these blocks. On the other hand, ever since I met you on Wednesday I feel it doesn’t matter. I also feel the sense of deep quiet, also dissolving slowly and getting back to the blocks maybe from another angle, but still it’s there.

John: The blocks are what you’ve put in place in your movie life to protect you from your real unseen life. The blocks are made of your role being made important in the movie. Your reason for being in the movie is not about the movie role. It’s about you being present as a being in that movie role. The benefit isn’t for the role, it isn’t for the movie; it’s for you as a being. If you go to a Buddhist temple that will most easily add to your role in the movie. You’ll easily take on a spiritual role that will enhance your movie. If it’s connected to the role then the spirituality that you come into isn’t real. It’s based on ideas and notions. What you were reconnected with of your unseen life, that didn’t come from your life; that’s real.

Q: How can I stay connected to this life, this unseen life? It seems like the role has no meaning.

John: Yes. If, in your role in the movie that you take seriously and you believe to be real, if you, within the movie, pass by what appears to be a tree – to you it’s a tree – when you pass by that tree your interior opens and you awaken to this unseen existence within and that unseen existence, as you awaken to it, you enter, you’re being that and it’s coming out into your role, changing the movie, injecting the movie with what you know is real. When you realize that that occurrence had something to do with that tree that you passed by, then regardless of any role you have in the movie, go back to that tree. And if it starts to occur again – what occurred the first time – then you know deeply within, from within this unseen life that you awakened to, that that is not just a tree: it’s a beautifully strange entrance and you’ll change any role you have within the movie to, in some way, be about that tree and to be close to that tree.

Q: So you’re saying it doesn’t matter which road I choose, it just matters which approach I come with. To stay close to that tree wherever I am.

John: Yes. If some others, within their roles in the movie, ask you why you are changing your part in the movie; that you’re changing your role so that your role is somehow around this tree, you’ll have a difficult time explaining because for the other roles, it’s just a tree, so why are you changing your role to be, in some way, around that tree?

Then you can say, “Well, I know this will sound a little strange, but it isn’t just a tree!” And they’ll say, “I knew it! You’ve fallen for something!” And they’ll say, “it’s really just a tree”. And then for you trying to explain will be more difficult. You might even say, ”Okay, come a little closer to this tree and see if something happens”. Some will come close to it and say, “Yes, this is not just a tree”. Others will say, “see? It’s just a tree!” But, either way, you know, and you’re clear.

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