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John de Ruiter Podcast 385

John de Ruiter Podcast 385

A Universal Shift in Consciousness is Here

When: April 17, 2020 @ 11:00am
John describes the fundamental change in consciousness that’s taking place in the unseen and manifesting in this world. How will it change us and the world as we respond or react to the inevitable shift toward everything being one?
“It is an eventuality that everything, everyone, everywhere will be one. The registrable change in ourselves, the shift of the consciousness of everything, has arrived.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Universal Shift in Consciousness is Here

Q: I wanted to speak to you now because of what you mentioned about the different consciousness, and the being and this other coming together. I would so love for you to speak more about this coming together of humanness and this other, and how that shows in the functioning in us, in me.

John: Everything has been in the resonance waiting for this. Everything.

Q: Can you say something more about this, what’s being born now or what’s coming into?

John: It all changes. It’s like in the movie ‘Annihilation.’ Because of that different consciousness, everything changes. All of existence is made for this, ready for this. All form is ready for this, and that includes all form of illusion.

Q: Is it like a change of ownership?

John: Only for awareness that is separate, being separate from what it knows. For awareness one with knowing, there, there isn’t change of ownership.

Q: But somehow knowing from that other consciousness, it’s different?

John: Yes. But as soon as you awaken to that, you know. Being what you know, you are different. The change is instant.

Q: And when I move as that different, into things, they become different too?

John: Yes. Everything responds.

Q: But it’s also like, for that different consciousness, it realizes itself in coming here.

John: Where it is, it’s already realized; where it has been, it has been realized. Now it’s being realized here.

Q: But there is something in the merging of here and there that’s new.

John: Yes.

Q: Like a new creation.

John: First, there’s a fundamental shift, a shift in the consciousness of everything; the consciousness of the universe; existence on every level, because of what is before existence, before all of reality, injecting something new into reality because of reality – the universe, existence – being developmentally ready.

From that fundamental shift moves change in everything. The change doesn’t register the same way on each level of reality. And the last of the change is right at the surface of reality, the surface of existence. It’s like in the self, in all of the change that occurs, the last to change is the will. Feeling changes easily in the self, then thinking, then emotion, and then the will. Its very substance changes. It’s easy to conclude that as you, in feeling, have changed, that you in your will have changed. When the conclusion is drawn that creates a confusion. The simplest – and it applies universally – is that you directly be the change that’s there.

The first change is in the change of knowledge, not a cognitive knowledge but essential knowledge: not essential to your self, your life, but essential to what you really are. A change in essential knowledge is you, awareness, awakening. As you awaken you know more. You know directly what you didn’t know before. Knowledge essential to you has changed. The field of knowledge has changed. That’s a change in your consciousness. It’s through your oneness, awareness, one with knowledge, that this change in consciousness is free to move through all of you. Change rippling into manifestation. That change is the re-creation of you, then the re-creation of your being, then the re-creation of your heart, all of the levels and regions of yourself, your person, and your life in the world.

The re-creation of your life in the world is a measurable shift in consciousness of the world. A change in forms of illusion. It’s natural change but not for awareness holding to its investments in this world. There, there’s resistance and reaction. The reaction takes place within the seen forms: thought and feeling, will and emotion, carried in person, fueling the forms of illusion, fueling the world as it has been.

As what is greater than reality infuses reality, that’s also a fundamental shift in what is greater than reality. It’s a shift in the essence of what it is. That brings about ripples of change in what is greater than reality; a re-creation of subsequent levels of what is greater than reality, a recreation of the ancient that moves through into a recreation of the celestial. It all becomes radiantly new – changed. The consciousness of what is greater than reality and the consciousness of all of reality intermingling in a way that’s new and then moving together in a way that’s new: a new oneness of everything. It was always inevitable; it wasn’t always here. It’s here now.

Q: Can you say more about the function of our bodies here?

John: There’s a change in function – the function of your self and your body, the function of your being in a body, a shift in your consciousness. It’s the first of the change of you. That change in consciousness of you responded to by the rest of you, moves that difference in you, moves the shift in you, the change of you, into the rest of you.

As it moves up into you, awareness, you register the change, you awaken. It was all there before you awakened, you just didn’t know. As you move from the innermost outwards, awareness one with direct knowledge, awareness being the same frequency as knowing, it’s not just then awareness one with knowing – awareness the same as knowing – but it is awareness being knowing: awareness as beingness, developing in the substance of knowing. That changes the function of being and the purpose of being. It changes what awareness is, enabling that to have more form.

It has more form being one with knowledge moving outwards, out into the field of the heart where there is the conscious change of your humanness – the whole sense of your humanness exceeding the sense of your self. A change in your body; your body being moved by a movement of being, you, floods your heart, opening your humanness; your humanness flooding your body, your nervous system, brings in all of the change of your self. Feeling, thinking, will and emotion in their very substance are shifting and changing, turning into something different, reflecting your heart that is flooded by your being, reflecting your being flooded by a change of consciousness of you. A whole directional change of you no longer moving from the outside in because of the habituated separation of you, awareness, from what you really are. A shift, a change – the whole direction of you changes in its movement, no longer from the outside in but from the innermost out: the fulfillment of you, a fulfillment of your being, the fulfilment of your heart, the promise of all fulfillment moving into your self; the promise coming right into yourself, ushering in the first changes.

All of these levels of fulfilment of you from the innermost right through into the outermost are levels of fulfilment manifested in your body, registrable changes in your body; your body turning into an organism, everything from the innermost outwards unified, altogether in all of its various movements, changing the function of your body. It changes experientially the purpose of your self, the purpose of your life. That change of purpose right out into the surface in this world is a manifestation of your innermost; it’s all about the movement of your innermost, the movement of your consciousness, the moment of you, spirit, moving your being differently, moving your heart differently, moving your self so, so differently. Moving your life as absolutely different from this world, yet perfectly moving in it, not limited to it, not limited by it. The imbalance in the unseen, addressed because everything is shifting. The world addressed because everything is shifting.

The world is form of the imbalance in the unseen. The condition of the world is symptomatic of what is before it, symptomatic of what is before forms of illusion, symptomatic of what moves illusion, symptomatic of what is dependent on illusion increasing in its form, all manifesting as the world conditioned by illusion and held together by the forms of illusion.

The shift of everything goes right into the innermost of all form – real and true form and also illusory form. It’s an increase in the direct knowledge of everything, its frequency, present within all form, all forms of illusion, introducing new difficulty and pressure to any level of awareness that is being separate from what it really is, making awareness less comfortable in its form. Awareness separate, addressed; addressed from the innermost, outwards. All of it responding except where it won’t. Except where it won’t respond because of investment in the forms of its self – the form of its outward life, holding together a false inner life, all based on being at one, as a self, with this world. Separate from its own innermost, separate from the deep within. Holding to what it knows isn’t real, isn’t nurturing, while resisting going against what it knows is real and true within, real and true on the outside not let in, maintaining the performance of separation in form. Separation adapting through resistance; separation adapting to the change in consciousness; separation adapting to the change in the consciousness of everything by resisting grounding in surface inner and outer investment. Awareness separate, adapting to the change of consciousness by closing, hardening, holding, resisting, reacting. But that doesn’t stop the change. It doesn’t stop the change in its own innermost. It only stops the change from controlling all of its forms.

It is an eventuality. It doesn’t matter how long. It is an eventuality that everything, everyone, everywhere will be one. The registrable change in ourselves, the shift of the consciousness of everything, the registrable change in ourselves has arrived, not in a way that’s necessarily understood, comprehended – but known.

The function of the world will change. Its function will worsen because of its need to survive – to survive the change. But it doesn’t stop the change. The shift, the change continues.

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