John de Ruiter Podcast 441

John de Ruiter Podcast 441

A Tiny Shift, A Beautiful Self: Free of All Personal Preference

When: April 19, 2021 @ 11:00am
How can a person make the shift from self-centredness to being the magicalness of what we really are? John shares what stands in the way, giving vivid examples of how to live in the midst of our preferences in a way that creates a real and beautiful self.
“In all of your life, live in preferences with a tender, giving hand. It’s a higher level of beauty.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Tiny Shift, A Beautiful Self: Free of All Personal Preference

Q: We once had a conversation about being magicalness of what you really are. And you told me a tiny, yet fundamental shift is needed. So what do you refer to in this tiny shift and what does it really take?

John: The shift is fundamental. What makes it so tiny is that it’s not possible for a self to make. The shift isn’t even in the region of the self. As awareness, it’s subtle. It’s a simplicity of awareness shifting out of involving the self in anything of the deep. Anything. It’s simple, subtle, tiny. Powerful.

Q: Powerful as nothing.

John: Nothing, from the perspective of one’s self. Powerful, because it’s fundamental, so it changes the whole foundation and everything that is built on it.

Q: And casual in the simple sense?

John: It’s not casual. Casual the self can comprehend. But this shift only awareness knows and not from within the self. Involve your self and you won’t be able to see it. Any movement of oneself to make a fundamental shift involves the self and eclipses what is fundamental to awareness.

Q: Yes, it is also devoid of all previous levels.

John: It’s devoid of subsequent levels, or previous as in levels known in the past.

Q1: All of them, also like the deepest of the deeper?

John: No.

Q: Okay.

John: You naturally come to it when you lie down to go to sleep. And as you near the tipping point to sleep, you make such a shift. The effect of that shift is that you are free of your self, your past, your life. Live that shift in your day, and that releases into your day, through you heart into all of your self the magicalness of what you really are. Do anything in your self to accomplish that, to have that, to need that, to help it, and you cover it.

Q: I see that, and I wanted to say disorientation of the self, but it’s not the disorientation of the self.
John: That’s correct.

Q: What is that?

John: What disorientates your self is a self-referencing concerning what’s deeper than your self. It’s disorienting because it marginalizes your sense of self concerning something that you know is real within, and so much. The self isn’t accustomed to not being centre of everything. When you use your self to be the deep within, you activate a self-importance in the midst of being deeper within than your self. That creates a polarization. It destabilizes your self.

Q: But I can see it also not in trying from the self to go to the deep, but just like simple things. If I consider myself in any way, or try through the self to decide or prefer something.

John: Yes.

Q: It takes me out.

John: It takes you out of that tiny, fundamental shift. It makes what is extraordinarily simple, complex. It’s not real.

Q: So I rather not engage the self at all, I mean, regarding simple stuff, not regarding the deeper, or…

John: You engage your self to do things on the surface in life, but you don’t engage your self concerning your deeper interior.

Q: Yes, but what I’m saying is when I engage my self even in a preference in life, whether I go here or there, then I also see it can take me out.

John: If you are invested in that preference, yes. Otherwise no. That’s like if we were to go on a walk and there are two different places we can go, and I say “what is your preference?” And you say “oh, let’s go the valley way” and then I say “okay, but let’s go the mountainous way” and then you freely say “okay.” The preference made no difference to you. Preference doesn’t take you out: investment in it does. That’s with everything. So much tender preference. No investment. That frees you to move in your self and to move in preference.

You have two children, one candy, and you ask “who would like a candy?” The one is quiet and the other one, in a delightful way, says “I would!” And you say “how about if I give it to the other?” and the one who spoke up for it then says “okay.”

Q: I’m not sure it’s likely to happen!

John: If a child is still really in its innocence, that moves naturally. I’m saying it because I’ve seen it. Live, in all of your life, in preferences with a tender, giving hand. It’s a higher level of beauty.

Q: With a tender giving hand, meaning?

John: Delicate okayness is ready to give over preference at any point, without loss. That’s integrated preference. Its only non-integrated preference that ignites disturbance: want and need, hope and disappointment. A being-filled self, a being-filled life. Give a being the fields of preference. It will fill them, move in them, without polarization.

Q: I saw a being-filled preference like magical matter, but it’s less than matter, become free form, forms with free preference and transition freely from form to form. From nothing to levels of form, like magic vapour becomes more and more solid, and all over again.

John: The magical walk of freely living in preference. It sounds like a contradiction; it is the walk of love. It’s extraordinary to be free of all preference. The advanced version of that is to be free in all preference. It creates a beautiful self. A self that is like your being. It’s a tiny, fundamental shift, lived.

Q: Is it possible through that space in awareness?

John: In the space of awareness free of itself, free of the self life, anything that’s real is possible. It will all grow like a garden.

Q: It’s like a hole in awareness, a space in awareness that will allow the freedom of anything that is real or before existence to come to existence.

John: That would be awareness moving as spirit within the self and in life.

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