JdR Podcast 428

Transform Your Relationship to Food, Balance Your Relationship to People

How could our relationship to food possibly reveal how we relate to people? This man has lived alone for many years and wants to know how to truly merge with another. Through the analogy of eating, John explains.

"A balanced and a right merging with food is the beginning of a balanced and a right merging with people. You get to change your way within, and let that change your way without."

—John de Ruiter

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the November 13, 2002, Vienna, Austria Event

Q: I have chosen to live a life that is alone for many years now, and I want to ask you about merging with another, and what that means, truly.

John: Merging with another means that you are being with another, without in any way at all consuming another. But that is not something that happens unless you are living in this world while not consuming anything within, being within this life without taking anything from this life. Then your own beingness is contributing to this life.

Being in this life isn’t about making things comfortable for your self. It is about you being comfortable with people and in life. Then there is nothing within you that takes. Being able to comprehend, within, what it is to receive while not being able to relate, within, to taking: receiving without taking, giving without needing. That enables you to merge with another: being able to see without needing to be seen, being able to be seen without needing to be seen. Gentleness that is free to be looked into.

Q: Please say more about that.

John: Have a kind and a lovely relationship with food, while enjoying not needing to take anything from it. Your manner in how you are giving outwards is determined by the manner in which you are taking things inwards.

Your relationship with food determines your relationship with people. Be very kindly noticing, within, what you eat, how you eat and why you eat. And then let the finest beingness occupy what you eat, how you eat and why you eat, and then you’ll be so pleasantly astonished at how you see people differently.

A balanced and a right merging with food is the beginning of a balanced and a right merging with people. You get to see your way, within, and then you get to change your way, within. You get to be what you are actually in love with, within, and you get to let that change your way without.

You get to exist as a lovely being that moves through humanness.

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