JdR Podcast 332

Don't Believe Spiritual Teachings, Believe Only You

So many teachings, so many opportunities for confusion: how to know what to follow? In the end, it's only you, listening to your inner tuning fork that can direct you to what is worth believing.

"Listen to your tuning fork that is way deep within. Anything that that tuning fork, way in you vibrates with, believe. Believe what your tuning fork vibrates with. Believe nothing else."

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the February 19, 2019 Rishikesh, India Event

Q: I’m living this question about embodiment and Advaita Vedanta, and I see you’re present in your body; you’re using your energy centres and lots of the Advaita teachers are not. So my question is what is the difference for you?

John: Don’t listen to teachings. Listen only to what directly speaks to what you know the truth of.

Q: That seems sometimes different; I get confused by that.

John: Don’t believe what you don’t directly know the truth of. If you believe what you know the truth of in a teaching, and you also believe something in that same teaching that you don’t know the truth of, you step into confusion. Don’t be loyal to any teaching. You be loyal only to what you directly know the truth of in any teaching. Teachings are not good for you. What you know the truth of, even in a teaching, is good for you. Know the difference and stay in that difference: don’t let the two mix.

Don’t believe what impresses you; don’t believe what impresses others; don’t believe something just because others are believing it. If you do that, you ignore the only thing you have to tell you the truth and that’s you. All you have for you to know is what you know. Your thinking doesn’t help you in that direct knowledge; your self doesn’t help you; what others are doing about that doesn’t help you. You, awareness, being quietly grounded in direct knowledge – what you directly know the truth of – puts you into oneness. Nothing else does that. A teaching and a practice, on its own, isn’t going to do that. Your response to what you know the truth of in a practice or in a teaching takes you within; it connects you within. Don’t believe anyone, and dearly believe what you know in anyone.

Q: So this voice, like, I’m here.

John: Listen to your tuning fork that is way deep within. Anything that that tuning fork, way in you vibrates with, believe. Believe what your tuning fork vibrates with. Believe nothing else.

Q: There are different thoughts, very loud ones and very deep ones. It has a different frequency in it. Is that what you mean by the tuning fork?

John: You know the difference. Everyone knows the difference. We don’t all want to know that difference. If you go with knowing that difference, everything is going to change. Everything that vibrates in the same way as your deep, deep inner tuning fork is going to make your self the same. You won’t have a life of comfort. You’ll have a life of profound transformation. You’ll have a life of great change.

When you be what you directly know the truth of, what you know: when you be your awakening, when you turn within to be what you really are, unconditionally, at any personal expense, you are like the salmon that, having gone so far downstream, turns, and your whole way from that turning point will be against the stream of familiarity in you. It’ll be against the stream of your mind, your self, your nervous system, every way in which you’ve trained your self. And all you have is what you quietly know within, and being that. And you live in that, live that, move that, like a salmon turning and going upstream, and it keeps going up and up and up until it dies.

It’s a life of you being what you really are in the midst of a genetic self and a body that isn’t yet like you, so this doesn’t need to go well in your experience. This needs to go well only for what you really are.

When you feel ready for it, don’t believe it. When you feel ready for it, don’t count on that; it’s going to change so fast and then you’ll be out of it again. You are ready. You always were ready. You just didn’t always agree with you.

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