Year: 2006

John’s description of the potential of the ego sounds very different from the way we usually think of it, and reveals its true place in the whole of us.

JdR Audio 023

• Profoundly real relationship requires the whole of you
• The resonance of a most high circle in you
• Cherishing never – even in the tiniest things – fooling yourself
• Your ability functions consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously

JdR Audio 020

• Enjoying no longer spoiling yourself
• Being meaning, delighted with your own encouragement
• Liking that you see, not what you see
• Knowing much means being much means doing much

JdR Audio 018

• Anchored in ability and certainty, instead of an abstract process
• Exploiting reality is self-distorting
• Comforts are a reprieve for you to know more delicate meaning
• Profound reality is truly real in you

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