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The Magicalness of What You Really Are

When: November 5, 2016 @ 2:00pm

John explains that as soon as you are really listening within, you lose sight of your pain and suffering and magicalness begins to see. Awareness is freed to be the unseen levels of reality, moving and expressing; your return to innocence.

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Video Transcript

Q: Can you say or make clear, or maybe show me the manner of the…of the unfoldment and…and embodiment from..from the deepest level, through all the levels into the physical and all aspects of life and…and relationships?

John: Over how many days? (laughter)

Q: It’s about the…the clarification of the manner it is taking place.

John: The manner of it is like what you easily see in a newborn baby’s eyes.

Q: Can you describe the…the doing in that? Because in a way it is all done, and when I’m introducing any control, I bring a lot of suffering into what is happening. So, can you say something about the… about doing or control in…in…in that unfoldment?

John: For you to not cover up in you the same that you easily see in the eyes of a newborn, don’t take anything that you do as a person in this life seriously. Don’t take it seriously concerning anything that is deeply real, within.

If you take seriously what you do in your life, that’s a little bit like screwing down the plate-ware and the cutlery on a dinner table, where nothing is free to easily move any more.

To take what you do in your life seriously, you confine reality to how it appears to you in your experience at present through thought and feeling. As soon as you take that seriously, it’s no longer free to open and to move. There, through your own experience, you’ve concluded what reality is limited to. In the presence of that judgment you can’t see any more.

Reality is expressed through our seen forms, through our…our thinking, our feeling, our emotions, will, our body. As soon as you take seriously the first presentation of that, you can no longer see the rest of it, confining the mobility in your self to your present experience.

These surface bodies of thought and feeling, emotion and will all really belong to all of reality and not just how you experience them as a person. All of reality can’t come into them without you being the more of reality. As soon as you take your self seriously, you quarantine your awareness to your experience within physical reality, separating you from the levels, within, of your being and how they move; how they move in the unseen and how they’re able to move everything that is seen.

The whole of you can’t be confined to your sense of self, but it can be expressed through your sense of self. As soon as you judge, from your own experience, what is and what isn’t, you’re closing down to the rest of you. The all of you is no longer present. The conclusions that you draw from your own experience confine you to the perceptions within your own experience.

Through that, you believe that you see so well, but you can no longer see where you’re blind. Taking your self seriously in what you do in your life blinds you, contrary to what you see within the innocence of a small child. Within the innocence, they’re so taken by the magicalness of all that they really are that they naturally don’t confine their perception to their experience. They move because they are more than their own experience. It’s from within that that they do. Their own doing isn’t their confinement; it’s their present expression.

When you take your self seriously in…in what you do, in what you think, in what you feel, it is such a kindness that you then suffer. You’re receiving the un-understood feedback that what you’re in is less than real; that something in you is out of balance.

As soon as you are really listening, within, in the midst of your suffering, you lose sight of the pain, and magicalness begins to see. Awareness is freed again to be the unseen levels, the unseen levels of reality all moving again, having mobility and expression within those levels of reality that are seen, giving these levels their richness, their depth, their colour, returning you to the magical experience that it doesn’t matter much what you do; it is all so good. Your return to innocence.

Q: And these cycles of subconscious coming up?

John: During your sleep and in your waking time, it keeps telling you that not all that you think you’re in control of is yours.

Q: What do you mean? Can you clear it for me?

John: That you don’t have all of the control that you think you have.

If you’re not really listening, within, then you’ll answer to that unknown sense, within. You’ll answer by the conclusions you’ve already drawn, sending you with speed to the strengths that you perceive in your self and in your person, and you use them to exercise the control that you can feel, talking your self into what you need to believe, instead of you, awareness, being freed into the truth, within, that you know.

Q: Do I have any control? Because recently most of the time it doesn’t look like I have any…any familiar control.

John: The more that you suffer, the more fooled you are. Whatever the reasons that you hold to of your suffering, they’re false. When you are present within the magicalness of what you really are and, as that, you move into absolutely any manner of difficulty, you won’t suffer.

You have multi-leveled mobility that isn’t confined by your experience, making your own experience within difficulty beautifully loose and redirectable, formable. Because you’re not confined to any conclusions that you’ve drawn in your past, you’re not confined. So by merely doing something, this magicalness of what you really are keeps moving in ways of newness, turning you, in action, into answers that you couldn’t have imagined.

Your experience in all of that is that you really are magically free in the midst of every difficulty that you come into. In that way, you don’t even see difficulty, any kind of difficulty, in the same way that others do.

Instead of comprehending how to deal with difficulties based on anything that you’ve read or based on past experience, comprehend you in the midst of difficulty and move that way, and you will then be incapable of relating to suffering.

When you suffer, that means that you are being what you have built. When you don’t take your self seriously in whatever you do, in whatever you build, it is all sweetly recyclable. You won’t be anything that you build. You are being only what is magically you. You’re not loyal to any form that you’ve crafted; none of thought or feeling, will or emotion.

That means that your thinking and your feeling, your emotions and your will, never lock up. Your body doesn’t remain your past. Your multi-leveled body keeps moving newly. Your past is then real, not because of its appearances, not because of how you’ve experienced it, but because of what you were being in it. The magical, golden thread that’s through all of your past is you. That makes your own past as dear and free as you are.

Love opening your mind as only love can. That’s what your mobility easily was when you were really little.

Put all of that magicalness of what you really are into the Calling, and it becomes greatly magnified. As you see in that, you know your future. Your developmental past has been preparing you. With a tiny, little, yet fundamental shift, it all opens.

The greater your mobility because of your being the magicalness of what you really are, un-held together by anything, the greater the development, not first of your mind, but of your brain, enabling you to manifest in physical reality that which is unseen.

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