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Keep Awakening. The Threshold Is Illusory

When: January 27, 2018 @ 1:30pm

Through the story of meeting with a beggar, a man speaks of his sense of continually coming up against a threshold within that he knows will take him deeper, but which he cannot seem to pass through. John explains that this is an illusory threshold created by beliefs, and that the way through is by way of a complete return to innocence.

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Video Transcript

Q: I wanted to give money to a beggar but he didn’t want the money; he wanted me to bring him some food, and I arranged to bring some food. When I bent down to him there was this huge abyss opening under my feet, and it was calling me to melt into it because it was incredibly sweet. When I was about to let go, something stopped me again. That’s what happens from time to time, again and again. There is something that wants to melt and some part of me just stops it.

John: What you reach in that experience is a bottom line in your self. It’s like a threshold. The threshold is there that when you open sufficiently to reach it, the threshold is there to send you back. It’s there to tell you to go away instead of passing through. The only way that you can pass through the threshold is by opening in a way that’s beyond anything that you’re used to.

Q: But that’s exactly the point because I don’t know how to bring my self through this threshold.

John: That’s just it. You move through that threshold without the use of your self and without your self. It’s just you. The self is much too dense to get through. You, without your self, are not. What you are, without your self, is sweetly nobody and nothing that passes through the threshold as it would through an open door.

Q: To me it seems that the only thing I can do, again and again, is to come to this threshold and then I go no further.

John: You know further. You don’t understand further. Know further without needing to understand further, without you consulting with your self as to how to meet the threshold, how to move through the threshold. Your self has no part in this. If you consult your self you have no part in this. As you come into a core relaxation you, awareness, relaxing into all that that is. Awareness in core relaxation frees you, awareness, to move right into what it is you’re responding to. You’ll move way beyond your self without any use of your self. It’s then, as you return to your self, having been beyond, that you are all different from your self.

As that difference re-enters your self, your self beautifully shifts. Your self shifts to match you. Your self is like a servant. You come back all new, your self serves the new. It has no loyalty to the old. Its loyalty is to you. If you be old, your self will be old. If you be new, your self shifts and is all new.

Live being quietly ‘yes’ through a threshold without you needing to reach and encounter the threshold. The threshold is illusory. You’ve given it birth through your beliefs. It’s there; you’ve made it. It’s there to protect you from returning to your innocence. It’s there to protect you from you inadvertently completely returning to your heart and your being. It’s there to protect you from mistakenly falling back in. The power of that threshold is in the power of your beliefs. As you live by your beliefs you live empowering that threshold. If you live believing what you quietly, deeply know the truth of in your heart, your beliefs, through your living, all come apart and with that the threshold also. You’ve made it to the threshold. That means that you’ve settled sufficiently deep enough that you are ready to live without your beliefs.

The most beautiful beggar’s bowl is the one that has nothing in it and it’s held by nobody. The way that you moved into your humanness enabled you to fall into that bowl. Through your humanness you moved without your beliefs enabling the abyss of everything that’s deeper than your self to open.

Q: Thank you so much.

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