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Beyond the Matrix of Illusion

May 22, 2021 @ 7:30pm

What makes the world exist, and how can a person live and work in this life without participating in a matrix of illusion? In this short, direct conversation John describes how it’s possible to live in the world from our deepest heart and be only real, letting everything pass away that will pass when we die.

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There isn’t a process to being with what you love. It doesn’t require effort. You will naturally be with what you value more. Honesty puts awareness into what it deeply knows it values the most.” To define “what you know the truth of,” John explains how truth is as natural and immediate as the connection between two in love.

People are responding worldwide to John and his message of knowing and meaning. Aside from regular meetings in Edmonton, Canada, John holds seminars and retreats in Australia, Israel, and several countries around Europe. These international events include lunches and informal meetings with John and those attending the meetings. People also connect via webcast as part of a wider international community. This Video was recorded at the retreat in Yehiam, Israel.

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