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Staying True to the Sunshine of Awakening

March 7, 2021 @ 11:00am

Using the analogy of awakening as the experience of golden sunshine, John explains what's happening when clouds seem to cover it, and how to remain oriented to your love of the sun.

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In this video clip from the Tiruvannamalai live meetings and live streams with John de Ruiter, the questioner asks about Sri Ramana Maharshi’s process of self inquiry, asking ‘Who am I?’ and the connection to John’s teaching. John explains that asking ‘Who am I?’ can only take you to the awareness of the ‘I’ and that the real question should be ‘What am I?’ which can only be known, without thought or feeling, in direct realization.

People are responding worldwide to John de Ruiter and his message of knowing and meaning. John currently holds events in India, Israel, Canada, and several countries in Europe. These international retreats include meetings, informal gatherings and oftentimes meals shared with John. People also connect via webcast as part of a wider international community. This Video was recorded at the Venwoude Retreat with John de Ruiter, in Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands.

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