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The Great Opportunity Of Your Life On The Earth Plane

Editors comment:
An unpublished, epic talk from deep in the archive illuminating the profound potential of this life in a body.”
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When: December 6, 2002
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Quote: As great as the distractions are in having a body, so great are your opportunities.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell us what happens to us when this body leaves this earth plane?

John: What are you being on this earth plane?

Q: Are you asking me a question?

John: What matters most is: what are you being on this earth plane?

Q: But I can’t help but be curious about what happens when we leave this earth plane. Couldn’t you give us a glimpse of what could happen?

John: Are you not dealing with, today, what you were being yesterday? The two are intimately connected. In the same way, what happens to you after your body dies is intimately connected to what you are being while your body is alive. It is very similar to yesterday and today. Some very significant changes, yet so very similar because it is you who continues. The circumstance is different, while you remain the same.

When you cease having a body, you’ll no longer have the same patterns surrounding you. That may seem to be a relief, but what passes with the patterns is also the most astonishing and profound opportunity. The greatest opportunity for transformation is not without your body but within your body. The difficulty is within your body. What equals the difficulty is the opportunity, the opportunity for you to experience what you are and to really integrate what it is that you actually are. While you are in a body everything that you are presently being quickly turns into form, giving you immediate feedback – the opportunity to learn so quickly.

Q: How should we think about the information we hear from people who’ve channeled stories, or died and come back? They’re interesting but I don’t know what truth there is in them. Can they benefit us?

John: What do these stories touch in you?

Q: There’s usually excitement about the wonderful worlds ahead of us, which makes me feel okay about leaving this earth and this body.

I also want to ask a question about dreaming. I think I’ve left my past behind me: jobs I’ve had, places I’ve lived and people I’ve been associated with, but I’m still dreaming about them even though there is no current connection and I don’t think about them. What are these dreams all about?

John: It is not actually your past. It is more like a removed part of your present. As you profoundly open within, then so does your past within the present. To you it is your past, only because of how you receive information through your mind. As awareness opens, so does time. Time is within you, as your being. As you are being within what you really are, then so does time open as it really is, then time is less about an experience. It is less experience-oriented and more knowing-oriented.

As you are being knowing there is less and less of a difference between your past, your present and your future. When you are being knowing versus being thinking, then your mind opens and the way that you perceive time completely changes. As you integrate what you really are, the deep in you, then time is no longer something that is separate from you – separate from you, as in your separate past and your separate future. When knowing infuses now, then the way that you separate the past from now and the future from now, that separation passes away.

Q: Thanks John. That’s really good to know.

John: How will it change you? If it doesn’t change you then it has little value. Where there is real value there is always profound change. Where there is real value, your evolution within is less solid and more liquid. It moves with thought. Where there is real value then, with thought, there is immediate change. If you are not changing while you are thinking, if your thinking is not always causing change, then your core values within are questionable. Value is to be so full of profound knowing that to think within such real value causes real and profound change: you truly evolving within, as you think.

The human potential is not as you experience it to be. It is as you most deeply down within know it to be, which is very different from your experience. Your experience doesn’t change. Your human experience doesn’t change. Its potential doesn’t actually, really open until you, as awareness, open within your knowing. For the human experience, when this is first touched within, when the knowing of it is first touched, the usual human experience of that is fear, because the level of perception opens up to match the level of knowing. It is easy to fear being so much. It is more comfortable to be wrapped up tightly within one’s own patterns.

There is so much more, but in embracing within and being embraced within by what is so much more, by what is really, fully you, that brings about so much real and profound change. When you are being knowing, for even just a moment, you can never be the same again because then you really know. With that comes an equal measure of responsibility. The more that you know, the more accountable you are. Within the human experience such a truth makes it easy to seriously draw back within from knowing, focusing one’s awareness, then, on experiences: on thinking and feeling, being something that is so coarse, forgetting that what it is that’s to move through thinking and feeling is so fine, so full of everything that is real.

Knowing is more real than thinking and feeling. When there is little knowing in the midst of thinking and feeling, the result of that is that you are profoundly dissatisfied. That is your knowing that what you are being is less than completely real. Such profound dissatisfaction or dullness within has you knowing within that there is more, and that profound more exceeds anything that you have experienced so far. It is that much more. That means that everything that you have experienced as a human consciousness so far is just the tiniest little touch of your actual potential – something that you can know now, and walk into now, or find out after your body has died. But when you find out the latter way, you cannot return and retrieve your lost opportunity. Your opportunity then will be different, as this opportunity is past.

As great as the distractions are in having a body, so great are your opportunities. Relate to what you know within instead of relating to what you think within. That frees your thinking within. Your thinking opens when you do, then your past begins to pierce you, as does your future begin to pierce you, because you are being pierced by knowing instead of being impenetrable by even your own thinking, having thinking within that doesn’t make a profound difference.

The underside of every experience is knowing, but when you are being the value of knowing, then the value that you have given to what it is that you experience diminishes. The experience of that is that you will seem to be losing everything that you thought that was worth the most, but within the perception of such loss there is such a profound knowing that that is not where the real value is. Then your experiences begin to be formed not by wanting, not by need within, but your experiences are then formed from knowing: something that doesn’t pass away, being something that will not die. The more that you are being and embodying that, the less of a transition there is when your body dies.

Q: Is there such a thing as reincarnation?

John: Not in this life.

Q: What do you mean?

John: What exists as being true has nothing to do with what you may or may not think is true. What exists as being true has only to do with what you actually know is true. When you are being knowing, that profoundly changes all of your thinking. Then what you did think is gone. Don’t believe anything that you don’t actually, to the core, know is true. Don’t believe anything just because it can seem to fit. When you believe in something that you do not actually, really know is true, then you are just creating a reality of truth that exists only in your imagination. Then what you have is an imaginary truth: one that is of perception and has no knowing.

Navigate in what is real, not by way of thinking but by way of knowing. Thinking will still arise but then it will be real thinking – the kind of thinking that matches your knowing, thinking that is no longer separate from knowing. It doesn’t matter what you think, what matters is what do you actually know is true, within what you think? The kind of thinking that suits something other than knowing creates a reality within that doesn’t actually even exist. Whatever it is that is not full of knowing is yet still an illusion. When you are being knowing there is no illusion. Even the idea of reincarnation is an illusion because it has you thinking in a manner that is not full of knowing. It has you being an idea. Such ideas are the nearest distractions from being knowing.

Q: John, we watch you on video, we hear you on audio, we read your written material. Could you explain how you work with us when we’re in your presence?

John: By being something other than what you think, which is something that you know is true. When what I am being connects with what you are knowing, there is a profound effect. You begin to remember knowing. You begin to know something within that is of such greater – and real – value than what you were before thinking. I am a greater influence, without, to what was always there within you.

The presence of a tree invigorates knowing within an acorn. With such a pull within, an acorn will then either seek to protect its present identity – seeking to remain what it is – or it lets itself respond to what it is knowing within, which will forever change it.

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