Audio 298 – Classic Edition – What is Evil? And Your Indomitable Being

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October 16, 1998

Maui, Hawaii, USA Meetings

Remastered and extended version


When tension is introduced inside of your surface bodies, there is a real awakening that is being provoked. You’re actually being awakened out of ignorance; discovering what you are through pressure, discovering the depth of okayness that you are, in the midst of tension.”  —John de Ruiter


Total Runtime: Approx. 60min



3 reviews for Audio 298 – Classic Edition – What is Evil? And Your Indomitable Being

  1. Tammy

    “What is Evil? And Your Indomitable Being” is a classic talk from 1998 that I’ve remastered and extended in the sense that the full meeting has now been included. While working on and listening to this audio I was really experiencing a breakthrough in terms of understanding and comprehending the outside influence and presence of tension, which helps to integrate it. It’s a very uplifting talk and it really gives you tools to integrate that tension that is always present in this life. Read my full review at

  2. William Chapman

    It is difficult to describe this teaching due to the enormity of its truth in what is really happening on the planet. It is truly a perspective changer in that it exposes what really is at stake and the greater responsibility we all have in being oriented to realization to the deepest inner honesty that we all can know and in whatever is realized in that to be in the cleanest response.

  3. Robert

    I listened to this with Nagesh the other night. It profoundly resonated with what I know to be true and it presented a way of thinking about ‘evil’ as tension and how this tension it robs us of our energy. Then, in classic John style, when an attendee asked about what to do with the ‘tension’ he felt inside, John replied, ‘be wonderfully okay within the tension’ with no need for it to go away. Once again, re-affirming the teaching to relax, soften, and open to reality ‘as it is’. This audio was amazing.

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