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John de Ruiter Podcast 460

John de Ruiter Podcast 460

True to your Heart in a World of Technology

When: September 22, 2017 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,
In this busy world of computers, phones and increasing technology, how can we listen to the heart and stay committed to inner truth? John shares a tiny shift in relating that makes it easy in the midst of any kind of pressure.
“Live your life with the clear understanding that everything that’s yours belongs to your heart.”
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Podcast Transcript

True to your Heart in a World of Technology

Q: Hello, John. I find when I’m using computers or my phone it really takes me away from being able to listen to my internal experience. I get distracted and addicted to doing things that I don’t care about and it’s a kind of vicious cycle. Once I start down that path it’s hard to find that reminder to come back to what I do believe in, to stay committed to inner truth.

John: Technology is fine. What it will magnify is your orientation. You’re accustomed to technology belonging to your self, so when you engage it, it magnifies your self, separating you from your heart and what’s deeper. Give it a little turn, a shift, where you let your computer and your phone belong to your heart. In that, you won’t love technology but in using it, you’ll love your heart.

Q: Something happens when I use technology where I could start out well-intentioned in using it for my heart, and somehow along the path I lose track of my heart. Maybe I just stop listening.

John: That’s because you, in your life, easily take your self to heart and you use technology to do that. Live your life with the clear understanding that everything that’s yours belongs to your heart.

As that begins to take form in your self then you can go a little deeper, and that everything that is yours belongs, through your heart, to your being. When you make your heart more real to you in your life than your self, it’ll be easy for you to make your being more real to you in your life than your heart and your self.

The whole world of the heart is your grade school of being. If you’ll let you and your self be mastered by you in your heart, you are well into being mastered by your being. The beginning of your being is your heart. Your heart, as you’re being in it, is like the entrance to your being. If you try to understand your heart or your being, you separate from your heart and your being, but as soon as you like being rested in your heart, gentled and quieted in your heart despite your self, you are into your being. As you remain in that, rested in your heart in the midst of any kind of pressure, then pressure opens you more deeply into your being.

When you remain unconditionally in your heart in the midst of any kind of pressure, pressure gives you your depth of being. Instead of using your self to manage pressure or to escape from pressure, just remain in your heart in the midst of pressure. It so sweetly opens you. It takes you right into the depth of where you left off from your innocence. Live in that and you heal your past of separation.

Q: I feel like my sexual drive and urges provide a lot of pressure sometimes when I’m trying to stay true to my self as well. This drive, which is both good and feels like it’s running my life or it’s just taking my thoughts. I want to stay focused on something and I just can’t. How do you transcend that gracefully?

John: In the midst of that pressure, without changing anything in your self, delicately like giving your sexuality to your heart and anything that’s deeper. Like giving your sexuality to your heart and to your being. Surrender your sexuality from within your self to your heart.

You’re made for this. You were always made for this. You just got a little distracted and a little lost. As you hear the truth within, you begin remembering, and as you remember you begin to see differently.

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