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John de Ruiter Podcast 408

John de Ruiter Podcast 408

The Tipping Point of Reality, A Change in the Universe

When: March 25, 2020 @ 12:00pm
In this extraordinary conversation, John describes the fundamental shift that is occurring in our lives right now, changing both our selves and our world.
“A fundamental shift in reality advances openness, and also, through resistance in what is illusory, the change in reality is going to provoke advancement in forms of illusion. It’s all happening now. We are in the change. It’s new.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Tipping Point of Reality, A Change in the Universe

Q: In the last several weeks there was a movement of different substance, translated into a movement of love, very subtle, which spread through all the bodies. Can you say something about this different substance?

John: It’s initiated by, comes from, moves by, what is greater than reality, into you. That’s what gives it the appearance of coming from outside of you.

Q: Can you say anything of this substance which came here?

John: In what is before the universe, as with the universe, there are levels. So in pre-existence, before the universe, there are levels. Each level of what there is before the universe is made by and dependent on the level that precedes it. In pre-existence, before what the universe is, there is the source of it all. As that source moves in pre-existence, that manifests levels of pre-existence. All of those levels, together, are what create the universe. What comes into you is the source of those levels.

As it comes into you, through your response, it’s also what you then are coming into. As you come into that, that manifests in you as the different levels of pre-existence, that they’re infusing you in your existence, which alters the substance of your matter. It turns you, your self and your body into something different. That opens up your brain. Your brain is a facilitator of this. It opens up your brain. More of your brain is awakened and is being used in your body for you to make actual in your body what you are newly being in it.

In that way, the opening of your brain because of you opening facilitates your body, becoming an inter-dimensional body. Levels of body, unseen levels of body in existence, the unseen levels of reality manifesting in your body, and then also pre-existent levels manifesting, levels of pre-existence before the universe, manifesting in your body.

What comes into being, then, in you, in all of this, is an emerging oneness of you, reality, and what is greater than reality. It first comes into you, and by virtue of you then being that, you are able to come into it. As it comes into you, infusing you, that’s an invitation to that level of sameness. As you respond, you turn into the same. It’s by virtue, then, of being the same, that you have access, direct access, into it. You are no longer different: you are the same.

Q: So when this is advancing when I move, reality moves?

John: If you move as that, yes. You having a sense of that substance moving in you doesn’t mean you are moving as that. You moving with that substance, entering into a sameness with it, doesn’t mean that you are then, as that, moving reality.

Q: So this is embodiment of reality and pre-existence?

John: Embodying reality means that you are being a being. When you embody reality, you no longer have a being: you are the consciousness of a being and you are consciously being all of that. This isn’t achievable through one’s self. It isn’t achievable through awakening. It isn’t achievable through enlightenment. It comes by your absolute surrender, as awareness, to your being, enabling your being to take absolute control of you within the field of your self, your life.

As that takes form in your self, that is the embodiment of your being, the embodiment of the truth within. That is what makes you, then, being a being. That is all within existence. And then there is what is before existence. You, being a being in existence, doesn’t give you access to what is before existence. It just means that in existence you are existing from the inside out, all one.

Being all one doesn’t give direct access as reality to that which precedes reality or to that which makes reality. That comes by invitation and response. That has to do with the calling. No being in existence, no human being can initiate the movement of the calling. In the same way, the universe doesn’t initiate movement of that which is greater than the universe. What the universe comes from, the universe isn’t able to initiate that movement into the universe. The universe isn’t able to do what the universe comes from. The universe is able to be what it is, which is sustained by what it comes from.

Q: And now there are waves from the pre-existence, from the source, into here?

John: Yes. That is new; that hasn’t always been and didn’t need to be, before. What reality isn’t ready for, what the universe developmentally is not ready for, it doesn’t need. But it is an eventuality. It’s only a matter of time and it will come. How long that time is, is of no relevance. It’s subject to the occurrence of this. The change of time of this is all dependent on where the universe is at, all of reality in its development.

As soon as reality and the universe comes to a point of what is like puberty, then it has inherent need of something that it never knew before, that it wasn’t before. That brings about, from what is greater than reality, an injection of what is greater than reality into reality, into the universe, which is an occurrence in space and in time by what is before all of that coming into all of this – an occurrence that is new.

It’s like an infusion of what has made the universe, an infusion that comes from that, into reality, into the universe, and guidance with that, because it’s time. Where it isn’t time for that it isn’t going to occur. As time opens, reality is at a tipping point, at the tipping point of maturing into what it is made for, which is a fundamental change to reality.

Q: Can you say something about the tipping point?

John: The tipping point is developmental. It’s like a baby born, and develops, and develops, grows, and this child reaches a tipping point in its physical maturation. As soon as it reaches that tipping point, hormones awaken within the body. The occurrence of that is all developmental.

The tipping point of change in that body is hormonal. The introduction of those hormones alters that person’s psyche, alters their body, alters the psyche. It infuses that body and that self with levels of comprehension that it was incapable of before. That one change changes the whole of it. The universe is in such a tipping point. It’s as it turns into something different because of what it is developmentally coming into, and also because of that developmental change and readiness, there’s an injection from what made the universe into the universe.

This changes the whole of the universe, the whole of reality. It changes how reality moves. It changes what it is. Reality becomes, through its own development, and injected into by what is greater than reality, reality comes into its fulfilment.

Q: It also changes me, the ‘you’?

John: Yes. It changes what you really are. That doesn’t mean that you, awareness are included in that change. Where you, awareness, are stepping out of what you really are, in some way separate from what you really are, you’re separate from the change of you. You become, in that way, self-protected from a fundamental change within. You’re kept away from the change which puts a lot of pressure on you, in your self, in your form.

As you resist the change that’s in reality by holding to your sense of self, you separate from that change and you further distort away from what you really are. But as you relax in the midst of these growing pressures on your self because of a fundamental change of you that isn’t controlled by you, awareness, then you are relaxing into this change of you, this change in you, then you are moving as awareness with reality, as reality, in reality. As soon as you are even troubled by the changes, you’ll separate from what you really are and you, awareness, will align with something that is illusory and false, which highlights the separation and then the distortion.

Polarization, when there’s such change in reality, is also going to be a change to polarization. Polarization will be able to behave newly and differently with a level of complexity that wasn’t before. So in that way, as there is a fundamental change in reality, there’s also going to be a fundamental change in forms of illusion, and awareness that adheres to that. Illusion becomes more complex, becomes worse.

Q: Illusion becomes more sophisticated.

John: And more powerful.

Q: And more difficult to discern. It’s like a George Orwell book 1984. War is peace. One cannot say what’s what. One part says “this is it,” the other part says “this is it.” No one can know the truth within, of that.

John: No self can know. And when there’s a shift, a fundamental shift in reality, that becomes increasingly more complex in the self. It enables the self to be more complex and more powerful through awareness in being separate.

Q: To avoid disappearance.

John: Yes. Polarization comes into greater power, new powers. Those new powers are distortions of the new that’s manifesting in reality. It’s distortions of the change in reality. The distortions of the change are not original. They’re dependent on reality. They come from reality and then distorted-from, which distorts the actual change of it. But as soon as awareness in it relaxes, it comes into being the real. The distortion washes away. Only the truth is original. All illusion, in all of its manifestation, isn’t original. It’s just a distorted copy-of.

Q: So if one is openness, one goes in one direction. If one is not openness, one is caught in the complexity of a more advanced self.

John: Illusion.

Q: So in the world, we will see that the new doesn’t bring awakened people singing Kumbaya, and my prime minister won’t be someone different unless he is openness.

John: A fundamental shift in reality advances openness. And also, through resistance in what is illusory, the change in reality is going to provoke advancement in illusion and forms of illusion.

When there’s a fundamental shift in reality, that makes the world worse. It makes it that the world is separate from the real more magnified. As that is adhered to in one’s own experience, that makes the self worse, the world worse.

Q: The pressures from within are so strong that in order to survive people are growing tough in their self.

John: Yes. A fundamental shift in reality exposes the world as not being it; exposes the lack inherent to the world.

Q: Can you say something about the ancient in this?

John: Not yet. The information isn’t needed yet. It’s all happening now. We are in the change. It’s new.

Bye for now.

Q: Thank you, thank you.

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