John de Ruiter Podcast 342

John de Ruiter Podcast 342

Streaming as Love: Opening to a New Reality

When: January 27, 2016 @ 10:00am
The sweet experience of holding his little daughter’s hand has begun to open this man’s heart to his being, its deeper levels and an altogether different reality. John describes the opportunity he has to open further, and the power of proximity with another to move in the stream together.
“As you are in your being, because your heart is open and soft, your being moves. As you remain in that movement, your being streams. It streams through your heart into your self.”
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Podcast Transcript

Streaming as Love: Opening to a New Reality

Q: I have a little three-year-old child. When she takes my hand and transmits the incredible sweetness and kindness and love, I always love that, but to allow myself to be that, to follow through to what I know, it feels like my whole heart is wide open and it’s like a stream. It just feels like a waterfall and movements. Is that what a stream is?

John: The movement of your being. As you are in your being, because your heart is open and soft, your being moves. As you remain in that movement, your being streams. It streams through your heart into your self.

Q: It feels like it’s responding: it goes faster when I hear you say something, and also other people, or some kind or loving thing. It responds to that. Is that correct?

John: Yes. What frees the response of your being to move into your self is your openness and softness of heart, regardless of anything that’s occurring in your self. It makes no difference what condition your self is in, it makes no difference what your circumstances are.

Q: How can I make the most out of this opportunity in this place right now?

John: With the same that occurs when your daughter reaches for your hand, touches your hand, and holds your hand. You open, you soften, your being moves, and you respond with that movement and as that movement. With your response, you stream as a being, meeting her and delicately communing with her. As love, you are known by her.

To make the most of any deeper-than-your-self occurrence is for you to open and soften in your heart and respond; respond to the movement of your being and then follow through with responding as the movement of your being. When you respond unconditionally as the movement of your being, you will stream as a being through your heart into your self, and through your self right into what is outside of your self. You join with the movement of another being.

Q: To respond in being with someone else?

John: When you’re with someone who is in the heart, as you open, your being moves in its initial levels. When you’re with someone who comes from and has integrated into the self the deeper levels of the being, and you open, those deeper levels in your being move because your being is in response. When you’re in proximity and you’re open and you’re softening, when you’re in proximity to someone who embodies their being, your whole being can move.

When you add no filter to it, the deeper levels of your being move and open right up into your self, which brings about not just the infilling of your self with your being but also the profound undoing of your self. In that undoing, your whole perception of reality is undone and, instead of perceiving what you thought was reality, you are in the movement of the deeper levels of your being into your self. You’re being deeper reality. You’re being reality that is inconceivable to your self. Your whole self is put into perspective.

At first, when you are in that proximity, a resonance of your deeper levels can be touched, and as that resonance is just barely touched, that touch registers in your self. You register a direct knowledge that doesn’t come from your self, and promises pure you. You’re able to protect yourself from that resonance by simply closing and hardening in your heart. You’re able to filter out that resonance so that it doesn’t come into your self.

When you open and soften in your heart in response to that resonance, that resonance thickens and it moves. It can move ever-so-slightly and, as you relax your filters in your self by continuing to open and soften in your heart in response to that ever-so-slight movement in the deeper levels of your being, the movement strengthens. It strengthens because you’re giving it your power. As you respond to it, you empower it.

That ever-so-slight movement can turn into a stream: a stream of the deeper levels of your being, pouring as incomprehensible reality straight into your self, directly informing you of what you are as a being; what it is like for you to move from within all of those levels of your being, all because of your response to your being responding to another being – your being awakening to the same levels that are awakened to and embodied by another. That’s the gift to you in being even close to someone like that.

You have the power to filter all of that out, and you have the power to relax every filter, allowing a powerful awakening of not just the initial levels of your being, but the deeper levels of your being: the levels of your being that are alien to your self, levels of reality that in your self you’ve never been acquainted with, and that are entirely not like your self.

For you to be fully within the opportunity is for you to be one with how your being moves and responds, regardless of what that may mean to your self and your life.

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