John de Ruiter Podcast 534

John de Ruiter Podcast 534

Rebuilding Your Inner Foundation

When: January 20, 2020 @ 7:15pm
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Beyond being ready and willing to change, what does it take to go to ‘bedrock’ within and build a new foundation from which to live?
“Live not believing anything that you don’t directly know the truth of, and what is deeper than your foundation is going to heave up right through your foundation.”
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Podcast Transcript

Rebuilding Your Inner Foundation

Q: You said that I’m open to have my entire foundation changed and I know that’s true, and I see in practice that I have a willingness to change and change and change. I think it’s a good place to start with, right now, to talk about my foundation changing, to have some direction regarding that.

John: Live not believing anything that you don’t directly know the truth of, and what is deeper than your foundation is going to heave up right through your foundation.

Q: Does it matter at this point to know what that is that will heave up?

John: Unless it’s already clear to you, which means that it’s done. There’s no deliberation about it.

Q: So it will be not using anything that I know of to sort anything out.

John: It’s all going to come down on its own because you live coming from what is deeper than all of it.

Q: And while that would be happening, would it be helpful to conclude or to not conclude as I’m seeing or knowing something?

John: Two things. Concerning what you don’t directly know the truth of, conclude nothing. Concerning what you do directly know, conclude. Concluding what you know means that right through to the surface you’re taking responsibility for what you know the truth of. Conclude what you do know at a fundamental level at any personal cost, and at any personal cost live not concluding what you don’t know the truth of. If you don’t live by anything else for the rest of your life, that’s it. You don’t need to understand anything else, you don’t need to look for anything else.

With those two things your house will come down, and you will be building newly. That’s your life now. With those two things lived, your whole relationship with power comes back into balance. Power at any personal cost, no longer given to where it doesn’t belong. All of your power goes right to what is deepest within that first has nothing to do with your self or your life.

Q: Could you say more about that? Because it’s within life, within my self.

John: Don’t make this practical too quickly. If you do, you’ll stop short of going right into the deep. The tendency in making it practical, because of the conditioning in your self, is that you’ll make that about your self. If it’s deeper within than what is practical false belief crumbles. It can’t sustain you dwelling in that depth, in that level of quietude.

The depth of love that is underlying everything will heal all that’s broken. With the false belief gone you’ll start to see what has been for a long time broken. You’ll see it for what it is. You’ll see it without any story. Without the protection of beliefs. You walking into your marriage, having married the truth within first.

Q: Saying yes to that I see that there’s a tiny little bit that can be very, very gently concluded, but that mostly there is what not to conclude.

John: Then you could go on a meaning-fast. Have no meaning, work with no meaning. All you are is gentled and still while your whole table is cleared clean. Nothing stays on the table. Everything of meaning is cleaned off of your table. You’re not throwing anything away; you’re just removing all of it and being gentled and still. You’ll start to realize so much of what you’ve removed from the table that you’ve given so much meaning to… that you didn’t actually know the truth of it. You just did so because it had appeal in your self.

Remain gentled within and still, with your table clean of all, and you’ll start to realize the first little bits within that you really do know the truth of, and then you bring that up and you let that sit alone on your table, add nothing to it. As it sits alone in full view, the truth within will make form in your mind, in your self, in your body of those tiny little bits that you directly know the truth of.

When it’s clear to you that that little bit is your bedrock, that there’s nothing else that you’ll live by and that you’ll build on, then slowly start bringing things back to the table. You’ll be giving your tabletop life on terms that are new. It’ll change all that you bring to the table.

You will be gentled, you will be quieted, you will be clean, and you will be clear.

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