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John de Ruiter Podcast 357

John de Ruiter Podcast 357

Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Heart

When: November 17, 2013 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
A woman asks how to open her heart despite the fear and pain she experiences. John describes how opening beyond any comfort zone and giving all of your power to your heart is the transformation and ultimately, healing of your self.
“There’s no authentic transformation of your self without the transference of power from your self to what you know in your heart, and then further into the deeper levels, within. This is your only authentic way.”
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Podcast Transcript

Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Heart

Q: You told me to open my heart, stay with my heart, and I feel that this is what I’ve been doing. A lot of fear came up and pain, but the little bit of truth that I do know is that there are much deeper layers in me that I want to explore stronger than the fear, and I need your help in doing that.

John: When you open your heart, and you open your heart for you to really be in your heart, with that opening you realize your capacity to open is far greater than any comfort zone in your self. You realize you’re able to unconditionally open your heart and unconditionally stay in your heart. When you go into your heart, you introduce in your self a slow reset. As you remain in your heart, the reset in your self continues. Your self is being set to being unconditionally open and vulnerable. How you are in your heart is resetting your self.

As your self is opened and made vulnerable, you slowly begin to experience the closer pains in your self, the closer hurts in your self, which you have covered. You begin to experience the actual condition of your self. Its actual condition is painful. Your own self image crumbles. The only real image you have, within, is that you are in your heart and you are opening and softening. The longer you remain in your heart, particularly during any bad weather in your self and pressures on your self, more and more layers that you’ve covered in your self to create a personalized comfort zone become undone. These layers open and what is in them is pain.

It takes very little for you to then realize within your self that you being in your heart takes all of the control away from your self. The way that you have empowered your self – that way is undone. You see, experience, and know your self as it is and not how you’d like to see it. The experience is that in your self you’re losing power and you’re losing all control, and you realize that, as you remain in your heart, your heart is going to control your self, which will really turn your world upside down. You’ll no longer be governed by survival in your self. You’ll be governed and controlled in your self by openness and softness of heart.

That’s the end of life in your self as you’ve known it and if you sustain that, you accomplish your return to innocence and it’s going to show in your self. Your face will open. Your open and soft heart will be visible in your face. You’ll have no covering.

Q: So when I feel the fear coming back, or whatever it is – pain – the only thing I need to do is focus on staying in my heart?

John: Absolutely, at all costs; at any cost. Then you are making real in your self that your heart matters more than your self. Then your self can matter in the same way that your heart matters; your self matters because your heart matters. You’ll be living life with your heart empowered, your heart being given all of the power to control your self. You’ll be living with your heart mastering your self.

When you belong to your heart, you become intimate with what you know in your heart. As you open to the intimacy within your heart of knowing, that opens you to intimacy of being. Through the intimacy of knowing, intimacy flows as awareness into your own being. Your presence in just a little bit of your own being moves your being. Its streams begin to move, responding to you. The response is that of communion.

Through this intimacy of being and this communion, the streams of your own being move into your heart, and instead of there just being openness and softness of heart, streams of being open into your heart. Little bit by little bit, depths of your own being moves into your own heart, filling your heart, and your own heart is just like your own being.

When you belong to your heart, you’re giving all of the power you’ve given to your self to your heart. When you’re in your heart, you begin to intimately know more, and the power that you’ve given to your heart you’re giving to what you know in your heart. Your own being opens. The power that you’ve given to what you know in your heart you give to what you know in the entrance to your own being. You come to know streams of being. These streams move because you’re giving your power to them.

It’s the deepest, within, that you’re knowing. All of the power that you used to give to your self is all slowly being returned through your heart to your own being. You begin to move in your heart what you were like when you were inside of your mother’s body. You’re beginning to move as a being again, but this time while you have a self. You’ll be moving as a being within your self. It isn’t just your heart which controls your self, but, as you go deeper, the knowing within your own being, the knowing of the streams in your being, moves into your self and controls your self.

The movement of these streams changes your self. Just as your heart became like your own being, your own self begins to be like your own being.

The way that you used to know life in your self is profoundly disrupted. It’s all changing. From within the perception of control in your self, this is, for any kind of holding of control in your self, your worst nightmare. From within the control in your self, you would rather die than to live being controlled by your own being. When you are honest within that fear, honest to the depth of knowing that you’re responding to that takes you into your heart, you love that your self is finally going to be controlled by your heart.

You’re raising your self in precisely in the same way that you know your own being to be. The ways of your own being are being made to be the ways of your self. Your self begins to be just like your own being.

You, giving your power through your heart to the deeper levels within, empowers you within the deeper levels to make your self the same. As you make your self the same, you are living embodying your own being. You no longer just have a being within; you’re being it in your self and then you’re being it as a self.

When you give your power back to your self, you circumvent your own real deeper process. You circumvent what you were born for. You stop what you are really in form for. You’re given all of the forms you have so that you can give form to what you first are, within. The potential of what you really are, in form, comes by you empowering it.

You experience all of your power in your self. Within your self, you’re the power holder. When you give your power from within your self to your heart, you’ll continue to give your power from within your heart to your being, and from within your being to what you are even before your own being.

In that transference of power, what you really are moves up through your levels and comes into form, including the form of your self. With the transference of power, your self transforms. There’s no authentic transformation of your self without the transference of power from your self to what you know in your heart and then further into the deeper levels, within. This is your only authentic way. When you are honest to the core, you know you have no real alternative to this. This is what you’re made for.

You don’t have to live this way and if you don’t, when you die, the opportunity that you came into when you came into form, and its whole life; that entire opportunity is gone. It’s spent on what you’ve empowered. If you empower your comforts, the comforts in your self, then you’ve spent your opportunities on your comforts.

The price is as high as the opportunity. What you first are has opportunity to have all of your form. What you first are has opportunity to have real form, real function, in a real life. It won’t occur without you transferring all of your power to what you come from.

You’re able to embody all of the deeper levels, within, and live. This puts your self into a fever, a cleansing fever. Your self will be fine. It will heal.

Q: Thank you.

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