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John de Ruiter Podcast 359

John de Ruiter Podcast 359

If You Knew You Would Die Tomorrow…

When: April 4, 2019 @ 7:15pm
What makes the search for the truth, within, genuine? Is the purpose of this life to awaken? John and the questioner explore the difference between knowing the truth and living it, and how quickly we would do this if we knew we would die tomorrow.
“If you are genuinely searching for the truth within, it won’t take much time; you’ll find it quickly.”
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Podcast Transcript

If You Knew You Would Die Tomorrow…

Q: Is our only purpose, here in this life, to be awakened to our true self?

John: No. That’s your purpose in life after you’ve left your innocence. Then your purpose is to awaken. Without awakening, you are without any real purpose in this life. But before you leave your innocence, your purpose in life is to manifest, as a being, in all of your self, all of your personality, all of your life, what you already are. There is no awakening to that.

Q: But if I’m not being that innocence?

John: Then it’s all about awakening, and when you awaken that awakening – the meaning of it – is completely dependent on you being that awakening. So awakening without being your awakening will make you worse.

Q: What do you mean?

John: Awakening means you know the truth again. You can see the truth again, but without you being what you know and what you can see from deeply within, you will separate even further.

When you awaken, if you don’t be your awakening, you will protect your self from your awakening. You’ll keep your self being the center of everything, despite how much you have awakened to. Your self will remain the center of you regardless of you having awakened. The real value of awakening is in you being that awakening. The value of coming to the knowledge of the truth within is in you being it.

Q: I’m trying to have more insights into who I really am so I can be that, but you’re saying that actually makes it farther.

John: Yes. You want to know really what the truth is within, just so that you can be it. You want to know the truth within not to make your self better, not to heal your self, not to make you a better person, not to make this world better, not to make anything better. You want to know the truth within just so you can be it. That’s authentic.

Q: So this search for awakening is from the self? It’s inauthentic?

John: If it’s genuine, it’s in the midst of your self but it isn’t really from your self. When you are genuinely in the search, you really are looking for the truth within; that anything that you awaken to, anything that you find that you directly know, you make that your home. You won’t be about what you know, you’ll be gone into what you know. You’ll let what you directly know the truth of within take you and have you. That’s your return, as awareness, to your being.

Q: Are you saying that I need to stop searching?

John: If your searching is authentic, it won’t last very long. Real searching is you being authentically open within to what it is you know you are looking for. That openness is already it. It’s just not realized yet. You being the authenticity of openness, given just a little bit of time of you being that, will produce its own form, which is your realization. If you are genuinely searching for the truth within, it won’t take very much time; you’ll find it quickly.

Q: Thank you.

John: If you knew that you would die tomorrow, it would be easy for you to not waste any time. In your openness, in your authentic openness, you would realize quickly. You would realize what deeply deeply matters more than living. You would come to rest in that. If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, and if you would be honest to that knowledge, you would fast, warmly let go of everything that won’t last for you after tomorrow. Your search for the truth would end before tomorrow. You’ll quickly find it.

With core honesty – honesty to what you most, most deeply know within that isn’t conditioned by your self, by your past, it isn’t conditioned by your body, it isn’t conditioned by this world – you would quickly see. And you would love what you awaken to. You would love what you know. You would love what you come to see. It would be your absolute everything, and there you are, returned to what you really are before you’ve died.

Q: Thank you.

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