John de Ruiter Podcast 234

John de Ruiter Podcast 234

How to Let Go of Personal Pain: A Higher Level of Compassion

When: November 4, 2016 @ 7:15pm
An “out of this world” meeting, in which John and the questioner explore what compassion really is.
“With a higher level of compassion there isn’t an end to your giving.”
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Podcast Transcript

How to Let Go of Personal Pain: A Higher Level of Compassion

Q: I wanted to ask you if you can speak about compassion.

John: If you move beyond any of the pain, any kind of pain that affects your self, if you open through it and past it, you come into levels of perspective that encompass others, and you come into depths of feeling; feeling that isn’t based on your self but feeling for others that is based on seeing. It’s a non-self-referencing seeing and feeling that allows your being to extend through your self directly to the other, unfiltered.

That’s different than the level of compassion that’s lower, compassion that’s based on what pain you have been in, and what pain you are in that you’re not through with yet.

With the higher level of compassion, if you would trade places with the other person you wouldn’t register personal loss. With the higher level of compassion there isn’t an end to your giving.

Q: Thank you for showing me that.

John: With a higher level of compassion you would, without difficulty, freely rather give than live.

Q: That’s amazingly beautiful.

John: Within higher levels of compassion you live giving, without even a sense of stories. All giving is sweetly story-free. It has no conditioned meaning to it.

Q: My heart says it wants to go home. Can I drop everything if I do that? Can I still be a mother for my children?

John: So sweetly, no. You’ll be quietly beyond what mother is. Your children don’t really need you as a mother, just you, all of you: pure and quiet multi-leveled availability. In that way, you’ll be to your children what you are after you’ve died, while you live.

Q: I just need to choose that? Because I want it with all my heart.

John: If you choose it, you’ll do so as a person. Instead of choosing it, you can be deeply, deeply rested in it, because you are, in all of your interior, so responsive to it.

Q: What do you mean?

John: Magnetically drawn into it without so much as a thought. It’s a much deeper level of choice that frees you of what you’ve referred to, thought of and related to as choice. It’s like what you are in this. You are, from within such deep levels, magnetically drawn. You’re not choosing this from within the levels of awareness that you’re accustomed to.

Q: The opposite of choosing is like relaxing or doing nothing? That’s what you mean?

John: Your level of movement in this is matching the level from which I’m moving to you. It doesn’t even require cognition, because you know. You’re opening without moving in any kind of way that you’re used to, and it’s home to you. It’s the kind of movement that is so natural within the interior of a newborn baby. It isn’t the movement of personality. It isn’t the movement of any kind of self. It is a being, moving. You moved like that.

When you go to sleep tonight, because of this, you’ll sleep differently. That’s because there are levels of you that you’re not familiar with that have been reached. Unfamiliar levels of stillness have moved in you.

Q: Is it going everywhere? Even to the DNA? The movement is everywhere?

John: Yes. This is a little bit of what you are like after you’ve died: a level of relating that is direct and quite out of this world, a level of meeting that is out of this world. But it’s very easily there in a newborn before it has come into its self.

You’re being transported into what you were before you came into your self, and, in that, we meet. This is compassion for what you really are.

Q: Now I just have to learn how to walk.

John: This is a very different kind of walk.

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