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John de Ruiter Podcast 284

John de Ruiter Podcast 284

How Can I Heal the Planet

When: June 14, 2013 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,
The questioner in this dialogue expresses concern regarding the world situation: poverty, war, disease and debt. He is asking: how can we help to heal this planet? John explains: first heal your self. First change your self by being in your heart and deeper, and then the world can be healed. The health of this planet needs to come from the innermost outwards.
“You can’t really build a different world until you have built a different self.”
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Podcast Transcript

How Can I Heal the Planet

Q: I feel really deeply touched by the poverty and the disease and the debt and the wars, and motivated to try and do something. It’s no longer sufficient to just be. I need to take that into action and into form somehow in the true context of what’s going on in reality, in this world. How to be and what to do? There’s an urgency in me that’s also what my heart tells me. We don’t have a lot of time. I don’t want to use what I do as a distraction from my own disconnections, but I do want to do what needs to be done.

John: The tendency is to skip over dealing with your self, and taking on dealing with this world. You can’t really build a different world until you have built a different self. Building a different self means that you’re reconstructing your self and patterning the building of your self after your own being, making a self that is like your own being. Then you are one of the building blocks in building a different world.

Q: A sense of connection with my being feels like it really needs to come up and out, and into the world. It’s actually no longer okay just to sit with that building block. I need to start to make a house from it. There’s so much that moves me into form, and yet I need to hear from you some guidance of what that form should take. How are we meant to do that manifesting? How should that come into form?

John: First, by really being in your self from what’s deeper. When the deeper is in your self, that draws up all of the conditioning in your self. It draws up into your conscious self everything that is in your subconscious self. You’ll be dealing with all of the hooks in your self. If this isn’t really dealt with in your self, if you haven’t really integrated your self, when you address the hooks in this world you won’t really be heard.

To be really heard in this world, there needs to be the continuity of what you really are that is unbroken through your heart, through the deeper levels of your self and right to the surface of your self. Without that, what you say won’t have the appeal of the deep. If what you say doesn’t have the appeal of the deep then what you say and do serve to help what is already distracting others. In making change, you’ll be contributing to what won’t change.

If you try to change this world, your efforts will go to a healing on the surface. If you could accomplish a healing on the surface, that healing on the surface will cover the poison, will cover the infection. The infection has to be dealt with from the inside outwards or you’ll be trapping it inside. The tendency is to go further out into form where a cause is much more appealing to the unintegrated aspects of one’s self. A cause is a distraction. To really deal with the infection that’s there, it needs to be dealt with in you.

Q: What are we going to do with the mess? Where are we going to go with this? I’m frightened of one-world government, harmonization of the laws across the planet. It’s not looking good and I want to know what to do other than just be.

John: If you move from need in your self, or fear in your self in being in this world, and in addressing this world, you will be using the condition of this world. You’ll be using what this world is for your self.

Q: When I say “fear”, it’s more like reasonable caution. It’s not a contracted state; it’s an expanded state of deep, heartfelt concern for what’s unfolding with very little evidence of anybody doing anything about it.

John: First, the planet doesn’t need saving.

Q: So we don’t need to do anything? Absolutely nothing? If it is something, what is it?

John: Do all of the deeper levels of your own being. In making that doing practical, you realize that your self is a self of lack; that your own self doesn’t at all measure up to your own being. How can this world be made to what you know, when your own self isn’t made yet to what you know?

Q: I know I have love in my heart. And that’s why I can’t turn away – because I know my love in my heart.

John: And what about the abilities in your self, the ability in your self to function, with form, in reaching in others what matters more than their self, and that brings up in their self what matters the most, bringing change in their selves? If you don’t work that through first, then in this world you have a deeper voice and a surface voice without there being real connectivity. Whatever you are doing in this world, you are an influence to others for others to be exactly as you are, in whatever stage of development and evolution that you are in.

The being of this planet, and the being of everything that is on this planet, doesn’t need for its body to be saved. It doesn’t need for everything on the surface to go well. It doesn’t need for everything on the surface to be healthy. The health of this planet and everything on it needs to come from the innermost outwards. The tendency in everyone is to skip everything that matters most and go directly to some form of satisfaction within the self. It’s within the self that we have experience. The natural tendency, then, is to use our selves to exploit what is outside of our selves. That is the kind of self that this world is.

To put the attention on the behaviour in this world is like you putting the attention on the behaviour of your self. When you take that behaviour seriously, you’ll be distracted from your own heart and from your own being, and to satisfy your experience in your self you will modify your behaviour. The more that you modify your behaviour, the more separate your own beingness, the more separate you are from your own being. So in making your self seemingly better, you have deluded your self into what is actually worse.

Q: Yeah – very helpful. I can feel you joining these things up in consciousness just as we speak, really. I understand these connections with being, and innermost in the heart and the self and the distraction and I’m getting the map.

John: Your map is in your self. Your map fortifies the orientation in your self.

Q: Having the map of being that you’ve given me has fortified my identification with my innermost.

John: Referenced from within your self. Your self is stronger than it was before, and it isn’t more integrated than it was before. In a manner of speaking, you became distracted and you went on to the “fun stuff.” You went on in a way that feeds a satisfaction in the use of your self.

Q: Because I felt dissatisfied if I wasn’t. There’s something inside of me that’s saying “that’s not enough. Something needs to happen. Doing nothing is not sufficient.”

John: It’s not doing nothing.

Q: So what are we meant to do, then, if we’re doing something?

John: Doing what matters more, which builds a preparation and a foundation to what matters next. You’ll really be addressing the infection but you won’t be speed-healing it on the surface. If you speed-heal it on the surface, you trap the infection in the body. You can sew it up if you’re really dealing with the infection. The body will heal on its own if you don’t sew it up. It doesn’t look good and it will heal. It heals more slowly.

In modifying the behavior of this world, you’ll be sewing up issues, issues that do really matter, but in sewing up the issues you’ll be trapping the infection and this world doesn’t want to deal with the infection. If it has to, if it’s really up against the wall, it will deal with some issues. The last to be dealt with in this world is the infection. It’s the first that needs to be dealt with. If you’re not dealing with this in your self, then in sewing up issues in this world you are still part of the infection.

Q: Once you found your way home, would you not act to stitch that wound to support it healing more quickly, because you’ve got that complete integration from root to top? Would you not manifest your consciousness in form and do something to speed that healing? If so, what would you do? Or is it just enough to return people to the innermost? I want to see what happens when that comes back out from the innermost all the way to the top. What does that look like?

John: A hearing and a listening in a way that reaches your own innermost. And if that isn’t what occurs in this world, the sewing up of real issues that matter in this world isn’t going to fix this world and it won’t save this planet.

People generally don’t change and, even more so, people don’t change because they have to. When people do really change, it comes from a recognition and an awakening to what they know matters most, and following that through in changes of heart, and that being followed through into the next level of form where it is so directly experienced and felt: the changing of our selves, not because it makes our life better, not because it increases our comfort, but because it’s true. What changes on the surface, for it to be real, must be because of what’s deeper.

When someone gets cancer, they don’t really need to be saved from their cancer. The cancer easily brings up that they need to be saved from themselves. Many have been saved from cancer and not many have been saved from themselves.

It’s lovely to see you again.

We don’t really need to live longer and we don’t really need to live well but what we really do need is to be what we first are, with all form. The condition of this world reveals how far away we are from that. Life, in the way that we hold it, is what keeps us separate. As soon as our life is over, so also is that separation.

This planet living longer isn’t a success to this planet. The life of this planet is the opportunity for everything on it to be what it first is, with all form. If this planet dies, the real loss will not be in the death of something but in any unrealized real opportunity, the opportunity of why we are here: for all to be all-one with all form.

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