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John de Ruiter Podcast 483

John de Ruiter Podcast 483

Embodying Your Awakening: The Truth Within, Made Flesh

When: May 10, 2021 @ 11:00am
This conversation highlights the difference between awakening and full embodiment: the first is easily come by, but the second is rare and requires an unusual depth of character.
“Awakening is common. The embodiment of awakening is rare.”
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Podcast Transcript

Embodying Your Awakening: The Truth Within, Made Flesh

Q: Hi John.

John: Hello.

Q: I really love that everything is really all about knowing, and it’s just like the knowing that I have is, that’s what I come from, that’s the resonance. So how does knowing and the origin of me relate?

John: Knowing comes from what is deeper within than your self, and there are levels to it.

Q: And knowing that is, is that like resonance of different frequencies from different levels?

John: Yes. The real meaning of direct knowledge, of knowing the truth within, is in it being embodied all the way into every little thing in your self, and every little thing in your life.

Q: When you speak about embodiment there’s something in me that I know that it will never go away, no matter what I do in this world for the rest of my life. Is that a part of embodiment?

John: No. The truth within, known, will never go away. You can’t undo awakening. But awakening to the truth within doesn’t mean that it has you, that it has your self, that it has your mind and your whole life.

Q: So what resonates, especially in my brain and in my heart, it’s like a crystal that can’t be covered, and it’s not embodiment; that’s knowing the truth within.

John: Yes. That’s awakening.

Q: So it’s basically there to take me deeper in.

John: To take you over. To take your heart over, to take your mind over, to take your self over, to take your whole life over. Without that, it remains in the category of the truth you know.

Q: It is very clear that there’s one way in this and that is the complete takeover and I know that that’s why I’m here in this body.

John: Yes. Awakening is common. The embodiment of awakening is rare.

Q: Because it is the total cost of self and life as we know it.

John: It isn’t because embodiment is difficult. It’s because the distractions are endless. Constant.

Q: I think like when I’ve been in the most severe difficulties in my life, it still comes back to that crystal or that knowing inside that is everything. So you mention awakening, so that’s a part of the calling in that awakening?

John: Yes.

Q: That it’s just like it continues awakening me into more.

John: Yes.

Q: It’s like a seed or a tree that only grows. And it just keeps growing and takes more and more over. And it’s just so beautiful. A couple of meetings ago I, when I was watching the meeting, someone was speaking about fire and it just came to mind that if I were to like not be in truth and keep my life, or stepping into like a physical fire to be in truth, that I would not have any choice but just walk into that fire. And it just touched me so much that the truth is just, it’s just everything.

John: In the heart, all that there really is is the truth. In the self, all that there really is is depth of character.

Q: Can you say more about that?

John: Where you make much of the truth within in your self, that’ll be directly at the expense of depth of character. But when the truth within that you know in your heart is absolutely everything, and it remains everything – there’s nothing else that has you, right out into your self – that is going to fast produce depth of character. In the heart, the truth is everything. In the self, depth of character is everything.

Q: And that depth of character, is that related to embodiment?

John: Yes.

Q: That basically the self turns into what’s deeper.

John: Yes. The truth in your self, contrary to experience, doesn’t mean anything. It’s deceptive. The truth you know quietly in your heart is everything. And it doesn’t have form unless it remains everything in your heart while you are in your self, without your self, your experience, your life being a distraction to you, without anything taking you out of what you quietly know in your heart, without that turning into a narrative in your self.

Making anything of the truth that you know in your heart, making that anything in your self, creates a truth narrative. It isn’t real. You, at rest within, in what you quietly know the truth of in your heart, is real. If you take the truth that you know in your heart into your self, it will deceive you because you’ll turn it into something that it isn’t.

If you live what you quietly know the truth of in your heart, quietly in your self, in the fire, in difficulty, in circumstance, it’s real. There, the truth doesn’t turn into a narrative, deceiving your self and fooling your self. It turns your self into what you are being in your heart. Instead of it turning into a narrative in the self, it takes over your self. It takes over your life.

The form of truth in your self is depth of character. You can’t work on depth of character. If you work on it, it’ll be for your self. That becomes behaviour modification, but if you unconditionally live what you quietly know the truth of in your heart, into all of your self and your life, that will make your self the same as what you really are.

Don’t bring any of the truth that you deeply know in your heart, don’t take any of it into your self. It has nothing to do with your self. Just let the truth that you know in your heart completely take you over, especially when you are in your self and in your life. Love the difference between the truth taking you over into your self, and you bringing the truth into your self. Leave it out of your self. Leave the truth out of your mind. Leave it out of your self, leave it out of your life and let the truth within just absolutely take you over. The truth within can have all your practicalities without you bringing the truth into what’s practical. Then, when the truth is in your self it’s not because you brought it there. It’s because it’s taken over your self, just as it has taken over you. That’s embodiment.

I’m not saying any of this at all because of holding you in question. I’m saying this to you to make it direct and easy. For embodiment, all you need is the truth within and fire. The fire doesn’t get to have any of you. The truth within gets to have all of you, even when you are in the fire.

Q: It’s like being hell-proof. Nothing takes you away from truth. Even if someone is going to burn you in the fire, you just burn.

John: No. Truth gets to have you. Even in the fire.

Q: But the fire won’t stop you.

John: A profoundly gentled and quieted heart, unstoppable in your self and in your life, is embodiment. Tell that to no-one. Tell it to no-one until after embodiment. Don’t say it to someone who’s in the fire, and don’t say it to anyone while you are in the fire, and the knowledge of the truth within becomes your flesh.

The only real meaning of life is the truth within, made flesh. The meaning of life is not the truth within. The meaning of you is the truth within. The meaning of life is the truth in you, made flesh. Those are two points, but in you there is only one: the truth within. And in your life it gets to have your flesh.

Q: A complete takeover.

John: Yes. Bye for now.

Q: Bye John. Thank you so much.

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