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John de Ruiter Podcast 559

John de Ruiter Podcast 559

Beyond Intention or Need: The Power of Pure Response

When: February 2, 2014 @ 10:00am
What is to be done when the busyness of life seems to steal the preciousness of pure awareness that this person longs for, and is it possible for her to bridge these two very different levels?
“Awareness is pure. What it knows is pure. Its response to what it knows is pure. The movement of that purity is your real beingness.”
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Podcast Transcript

Beyond Intention or Need: The Power of Pure Response

Q: You spoke to us of those moments when there is a greater awareness and the preciousness of that. My question is: before leaving the body, Papaji told me that I must live on the banks of Ganga and serve the children, and so I have for 20 years, and there is no doubt of the joy and the tremendous gratitude for all that I’m given there. No matter how hard I try, slowly the busyness steals the preciousness of awareness, and on the surface there is so much, but in the heart comes a longing. I don’t find the bridge.

John: The bridging of all of the levels takes place by response. Intention doesn’t build it. The need of it isn’t able to build it. The level of response isn’t first within the person and it’s also not within the self. It’s not within the interior of the personality. The response begins within the heart. The response is by awareness within the heart: awareness, you, coming to rest within the heart without the use of anything that you’re used to, without the use of what you’re accustomed to in your life, without the use of your past.

When awareness comes to complete rest in the heart, all that awareness has, all that you have, is the tiny little bit that you know is true in your heart. All else is gone for you. It’s gone for you to respond to. The response of awareness is to the little, the tiny little bit. Awareness at rest within the heart responds only to what it knows, making the response not a conditioned response. The response is pure.

When awareness is at rest in the heart, awareness is free. When awareness is free, all that it has is the tiny little bit that it knows. It’s only a tiny little bit at first because awareness has been used to conditioned knowledge which appears to be so much; knowledge conditioned by the experience within all of its forms. When awareness comes to rest in the heart, it is no longer being informed of what is true by its own forms.

The tiny little bit of pure knowing that remains is a door to the being, where there are the forms within, unseen forms within, that accurately and completely reflect what awareness knows is everything, contrary to what it has experienced in the outward forms that it has. When awareness comes to complete rest in the heart, from within that restedness awareness has only what it knows, and it naturally responds only to what it knows. There, awareness believes what it knows: unconditioned belief, unconditioned response to knowledge in the heart that is also unconditioned. In that response, awareness becomes pure.

Q: How to move to that place from this one?

John: By you being warmly okay as is. You being warmly okay within, without a bridge. You need no bridge – you being warmly okay in your lack, in your experience of your lack.

That warm okayness is the return of awareness to the heart. The return of awareness to the heart cannot be done if there’s anything that you believe that you need to do first, that you need to address first, that you need to change first. There’s nothing at all that needs to be done first, enabling you, awareness, to be simply okay as is. As that warm okayness, awareness naturally recedes out of its outward forms without addressing any of those forms, without separating from any of them: in that warm okayness, the true relaxation of awareness. Without awareness relaxing its forms, without awareness addressing anything or doing anything or including anything else, you, awareness, with pure ease open and soften.

Awareness without the use of anything naturally opens and softens. Warm okayness, as is, frees awareness of all that it perceives it needs to do and hold together, all that it perceives it needs to change. With all of the adornments on awareness removed because of awareness being simply warmly okay as is, adornment-free awareness opens and softens, bringing awareness deeply into the heart where all that remains for awareness – adornment-free awareness – is that it knows. There, you know, because it’s unconditioned knowledge within unconditioned awareness. It seems like almost nothing. When you’re in it, when you are adornment-free, at rest in the heart, that tiny little bit satisfies everything that you are. You are, all the way through, complete.

Awareness is pure. What it knows is pure. Its response to what it knows is pure. The movement of that purity is your real beingness. The movement of that purity is in the streams of your own being that only pure awareness can deeply enter. It is then the same as that which it enters.

Awareness, unspotted by condition without first altering that condition, without addressing the condition. Awareness warmly okay within its conditioned forms. Awareness warmly okay within forms of separation, enabling awareness to be free of those forms of separation without escaping them. It is at home within them, making the forms of separation no longer something to change, no longer something to address, no longer something to separate from. It is within the forms of separation that awareness comes to rest in the heart. Pure awareness purely responding to unconditioned knowing, pure knowing, brings awareness into its own being where it moves by everything that it really is.

As that movement takes place within the heart, the heart is filled with streams of being, fully aware. It’s all really you. Now a being-filled heart continuing in its response, responding to move as these streams and to move as this being-filled heart in the midst of what was its condition, its condition within the forms of separation. The being-filled heart, you, moving in the midst of what you were trying to escape before, what you were trying to change, what you were trying to bridge.

What you are being then is pure you, moving as unseen forms, forms of being, in the midst of outward form that isn’t like that yet, that isn’t like you yet. As you move in them, they respond to you. Everything that is yours responds to you. As they respond to you, they change. They transform. They respond to you by being just like you are. Your self naturally purifies when you have returned to pure awareness, purely responding to what you purely know. You being that in the midst of what is not clean, in the midst of what is conditioned, of what is not like you yet, purifies it, frees it, transforms it.

And you are bridge-building without trying to. The bridge building isn’t just between your levels, giving your levels the continuity of pure meaning. The bridge-building naturally moves like a being moves, toward every form of separation. This pure movement purely responds to separation as your real movement in response to separation.

Separation in its forms becomes warmed. As it is warmed by what you are and how you move, separation opens and softens. Separation responds to you. In its response, it heals. You, warmly okay, as is, in the midst of pain and separation, warmly no longer having any need to address it, become at rest in the heart, at home in the heart.

Awareness in pure response to the tiny little bit that it knows in the heart – unadorned awareness – is pure. It is, in its movement, pure response to everything within that it actually is. Pure awareness moves as its own being. It is the same as its own being. There isn’t a difference. There isn’t a disparity. It has rested from its disparity. It is in communion with all that it really is. Its communion is the movement, the streams of its own being, that beautifully responds to pain and to separation. It has and it comprehends no aversion or attraction to pain and separation. It beautifully responds to it and it enters it without being conditioned by it, enabling pain and separation to open, to soften. Pain and separation beautifully respond to what you are in it.

In this way you are being known, and as you are being known, you respond. You open and you soften. You see and you love. You heal so easily.

Q: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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