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John de Ruiter Podcast 464

John de Ruiter Podcast 464

Addressed By Your Future: A New Species of Person

When: November 9, 2018 @ 2:00pm
Powerful energies experienced in meditation are raising many questions for this person. Why does the experience come and go, and what effect will this fiery power have on his self and relationships?
“You’ll function as a being with perspective and seeing, fullness of humanness and a beautiful mind, not at all like this world yet freely moving in all of it.”
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Podcast Transcript

Addressed By Your Future: A New Species of Person

Q: Hello, John. I would like to speak with you about the energy that’s entering my body quite powerfully. For quite a while now I’ve been meditating, twice a day, sometimes more, eyes closed. Yesterday I noticed that more and more of this energy is coming into my body. It’s like this blazing energy blasting from my body. But that happens when my eyes are closed, and so as I leave meditation and talk to my roommate, it seems to have almost disappeared. So how come there is this dissonance between two different states: eyes open, eyes closed?

John: They’re not two different states. They’re more like two different fields: your being field and your self field. When you speak with your roommate, you shift to relating through your self field which covers up your being field. Instead of flipping from field to field, what you really are isn’t your self field; it’s your being field. And your self field belongs to your being field by you giving your self, giving your self to your being field, for your being field to fill and to have, to freely take apart and to reconstruct – that you’ll let your being field recycle your self. It will use all of it and put it all together in a way that is really different.

Q: The recycling you just spoke of, is that a recycling of the energy invested in the self?

John: When you are being still concerning your self, those energies naturally drain out of your self. As you are still, within those energies, the energy is given to your being. In that way you are empowering your being instead of empowering your self. But the forms of your self, your capacity, your self-capacity to think, to feel, to move as will and emotion, all belong to your being.

If you are freely taken by your being through that same pathway of givenness into your being, your being comes up into your self and freely takes all. Your being will occupy and take your thinking and move differently as thought. The deeper levels of thinking open. The subtle mind opens. The subtle mind belongs to your being. The delicacies of subtle feeling all belong to your being.

Q: And this quite powerful movement of energy I’m feeling, is that the being?

John: Yes.

Q: Why does it come in so powerfully?

John: It’s because of what is newly coming into reality, what is coming in that is before your being, and also because of your openness, openness that gives your sensitivity to what is deeper than your self. And you are quietly letting that all matter on terms of your being, not on terms of your self. Because of all of this, your being is easily rushing into your self. The power of it comes from not the initial levels of your being but the deeper levels of your being, not the surface levels of your being, and higher: most delicate, feminine, full of openness and softness that doesn’t move in power but moves in an exquisite lightness. And as you open into the deeper levels of your being and are taken by them, your being moves increasingly in a masculine energy and with a lot of power. The terms of coming into the deeper is that the delicate takes you. The softness of being takes you and forms you.

The deeper levels of your being can move with such power that it can move what feels like a fire storm. A level of power that can be fearsome for your self, not because it destroys anything but that your self doesn’t have such power, so it can be really uncomfortable within the comfort zone of your self. But as you’re given to these deeper levels, they come up into your self and all they’ll do is powerfully sort out your self and clean your self, powerfully depolarizing your self, which turns your self right-side-up, which in your experience will feel upside-down.

Q: The self won’t disappear or die. It’ll just be cleansed and maybe made subordinate to the being, eventually?

John: Completely, yes.

Q: Once the self has been made subordinate, then what is the function of the self?

John: It enables you as a being to function with thought and feeling, will and emotion, all through this illusory world, all throughout this real planet: a real planet overtaken by a false world. You’ll function as a being with perspective and seeing, a fullness of humanness and a beautiful mind, not at all like this world yet freely moving in all of it.

Ultimately, you’ll become a new species of a person.

Q: I’ve noticed in the past year or so, I’ve been going deeper in the spiritual process. I’ve found that some of my long-standing friends, I find it very hard to be with them. One particular case of a friend who’s been very dear, very supportive for many years, but now there’s a tendency in me to avoid him because he’s so emotional and fully immersed in the world. I feel like I should break that friendship but that seems harsh, considering it’s such a long-standing friendship. Some attachment in me in the form of loyalty comes in. How would I deal with such a relationship?

John: Instead of favouring a sense of loyalty to the friendship, the relationship, favour the bond. The two of you have a bond of being. It’s made of all of the subtle connectivity of being between the two of you. Give that all of the value. Instead of being in difficulty when you’re with him, which is only just difficulty in your self, you can let you be still, stillness. You can let you be gentled and quieted in the midst of your self, and just very lightly, sweetly clear with him that your terms of relating to him – regardless of what he is like – are terms within that are very light and delicate. And if he doesn’t want that and he doesn’t want to be around that, he can leave, but that you will stay around for the bond that’s there, and that you’ll give delicate form to that bond. You will be languaging the bond to him in your relationship with him.

Q: Would this be implicit behaviour, my part? I wouldn’t mention this to him; I would just be with him?

John: In terms of how you do this on the surface, in whichever way you like. You can move like an underground stream or an above-ground torrent, not for any reasons in your self – that’ll just mix it up. You’ll just freely move as varying levels of your being, lightly or powerfully. It’s the purity of it that works.

Q: When you talk to other people in the chair it’s fairly easy for me to focus on the dialogue. Now that I’m having this dialogue with you, it seems like my self is torpedoing my attention. I’m following what you’re saying but it feels like I’m being constantly undermined at the same time.

John: Those are your beliefs at work. You have this experience because you’re listening, you’re thinking and you’re feeling through your belief system. You’re using your beliefs to interpret what I’m saying to you, instead of you referring only to what you directly know. You either know the truth of it or you don’t. No interpretation is required. You don’t need your beliefs for the two of us to meet, and speak. You don’t need your belief system for you to relate directly as meaning.

All of the energy that you expend through your belief system, that is like an operating program in your self, is a complete waste of energy. All of that energy and power belongs to what you know, belongs to you, meaning. It doesn’t belong to what you’ve given meaning to, which creates a system of beliefs. All of that energy belongs to meaning that you directly know. What you’re describing is an experience is how you use your self to survive what’s deeper than your self, how to make it through without losing everything, how to stay afloat instead of you freely being taken into the deep.

Only you, within, can see, can know what is true and it isn’t your self or anything that you’ve ever learned that will tell you what is true. The truth within doesn’t come from your self; it comes from you. As you respond to it directly you give it life, and the life of the truth through beingness will take your self – all of it. You are his friend telling him the truth from the innermost outwards. And I am your friend, telling you the truth.

Q: It’s all me, isn’t it?

John: The knowledge, the recognition, the response, the intimacy, the goodness: yes. How completely you are taken by you is also up to this you. As you are being it, it takes you. As you are not being it, something else will take you, putting you into just enough pain for you to realise that you’re lost, and your core honesty to what is deepest within brings you all back in.

You’re being addressed by your distant future that is fast streaming in.

Q: Thank you for your light, John. Thank you for the love that‘s coming through your body. Thank you.

John: You are beside your self. You are a river. This is what will later control your self.


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