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John de Ruiter Podcast 530

John de Ruiter Podcast 530

A Gauntlet of Impossibility: Embodying Your Being in this World

When: April 15, 2017 @ 7:15pm
Is the embodiment of oneness meant to be practical in this world? John’s answer reveals how transmutation of the self happens, and what it takes to come into the full freedom of embodiment.
“Embodiment means that you’re able to be a thinking, feeling, physical being, instead of a thinking, feeling, in some way separate self. Embodiment is full freedom in full form.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Gauntlet of Impossibility: Embodying Your Being in this World

Q: I keep coming back to embodiment and the practical application of what we’re learning from you here in this realm, in the world. Why does it need to be practical here, in this world? And then I wonder why we need to focus on what is here as much as what we’re learning about other things.

John: You, awareness, being one with what you know the truth of, awareness one with knowing. Awareness one, not embodied, doesn’t then really get to be one within all of the powers that you’re familiar with, within the levels of form that you’re familiar with. Real oneness isn’t unseen. It is in person. It is all seen and as functional in this world as it is in other realms and dimensions.

Oneness embodied makes oneness practical in a world that is mastered behind the scenes from within what is unseen. Oneness embodied right through the person means that you, awareness, have come through the entire gauntlet, the gauntlet of impossibility, impossible to your self; that you have come through the entire gauntlet based on what you really are having real form, mastering form. Oneness in person is a being, through purity of heart, made physical. Embodiment makes purity of heart physical.

Q: Can you say how that relates to the experience of pain? Pain has become like a guiding light. When I experience pain it’s like showing me where I need to focus, or actually where there’s growth or release.

John: Pain makes manifest what isn’t integrated in your self. Anything in your self that isn’t just like your being, when put under pressure, translates to pain.

Q: Can you say how to be with that, how to be in pain?

John: As only love can, which is the undoing of pain. Pain is an interpretation of lack within the self under pressure. In the nervous system it registers as pain. Freedom from pain comes with your fundamental relaxation in the midst of difficulty. If you tighten, close, or harden in difficulty, that manifests as pain. Pain makes difficulty important.

Q: Is it possible for the nervous system to change in something like real time? That it moves as reality moves?

John: Yes, but that is completely dependent on your brain being convinced of you. Positive thinking or creative thinking leaves your brain unconvinced. Positive affirmation and belief confine the use of your brain within your interior to giving form, structure, to illusion. As your brain is convinced of what you really are because all of you, every level of you that you’ve awakened to is all one, all of you is united. The principle of union is the truth, within. The field of oneness for all of you is the truth, within. When that is your first field, you’re home.

Your brain opens to be able to communicate into your nervous system what you really are. There, in your nervous system, you are made real. The most powerful opening of your brain and your nervous system is reserved for your being becoming physical. Self-interest cannot crack the codes. Self-interest by its very nature, its separate nature, forbids the greater opening of the brain and the nervous system. Self-interest activates a different nervous system, one that is painfully separate. Self-interest manifested through the brain into the nervous system is married to pain.

Q: I’m strongly affected by my wife’s sensibilities and through that, I’m aware of movement in my brain. I’m aware of what I used to call grace. It’s like a movement, and I don’t feel responsible for that. How to be with that so that embodiment is supported and that it has a real foundation.?

John: By your primary communication with her being with her magicalness; that your life with her is primarily in that magicalness. When you’re oriented to that in her, you’re coming from the same in you. What is really happening then in your relationship is the developing bond of being: two beings bonding through self, person, body forms; the magicalness of being, made physical.

That magical bonding of beings is the accelerant of meaning in your selves, and as meaning moves it creates heat anywhere in your selves that isn’t just like your being. The developing of this bond of beings, being the accelerant of meaning in your selves, speedily burns up illusion. The heat continues to build.

When the heat reaches a certain point, transmutation occurs and your selves magically change, turning into form that moves just like your being. It lets you as a being have control within outward physicality, but first in the physicality of your nervous system that is seemingly governed by thought and feeling, will and emotion. The nervous system isn’t made for your self, separate from your being. It’s made for your being. Your being, free to have your nervous system, frees your nervous system of thought and feeling, will and emotion, so that your being can have every pathway of yours that you relate to through the use of thought and feeling, will and emotion.

When your being is free to have your nervous system, then it can have your thinking and your feeling. Embodiment means that you’re able to be a thinking, feeling, physical being, instead of a thinking, feeling, in some way separate self. Embodiment is full freedom in full form. If you fool your self into the perception of freedom, then everything that you are being in what you do, you craft your own nemesis. You project your difficulty and therefore your pain on everything that it isn’t, and you give it form in your nervous system, in your self, and in what is outside of your self.

All of it lives in your own nervous system, with the meaning that’s crafted in all of that not being real. That makes your own nervous system an intricate, alive form of illusion. Freedom from that is only by giving your whole nervous system over to your being; giving your nervous system away to openness and softness of heart in mid-activation, right where it is inflamed.

Q: First of all, I have to be aware enough to realize what’s happening and then open and soften in the heart.

John: It’s by awareness being at rest in meaning – not the meaning of anything, just meaning itself. That relaxes polarization. As polarization relaxes, the self opens and meaning within the self is free to move. The symptoms of that in your self are peace, joy, love.

Q: Things are clearer than they’ve ever been before and yet I know I have to be aware, conscious, not to go astray. It needs to be based on knowing.

John: You’re not able to be conscious to not go astray. You can fabricate the likeness of that in your self, which manifests as your intention, your effort, your will, your thought and your feeling not to go astray, and there you are, through the use of that, lost again.

As a being, there is no individual reality to going astray. A being coming into individuality on the level of the self and person is incapable of getting lost.

Q: The picture I have is like diving off a cliff and submerging with the knowledge that it’s all good.

John: Or the innocence of a small child doing whatever.

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