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How To Deepen Your Spiritual Awakening Despite Feeling Inadequate – Advice for Young Adults – John de Ruiter

By January 13, 2017 No Comments

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John speaks about deepening our spiritual awakening even while we’re feeling inadequate. Nothing needs to stop our spiritual awakening. It doesn’t matter if it temporarily makes us socially inept. “You may lose their confidence in you and your confidence in your self, while you are really fattening up on beingness.” John continues by saying “You’re losing what you don’t need while the roots of awareness are growing. In time the tree will bare fruit.” “You, awareness, being what you know in your self because of what you know in your heart, because of what you know that’s even deeper within than your heart. That frees you of the stories in your self about all of this. It leaves you quietly being what you really are.” This is a great introductory talk for people who are experiencing a lack of emotions but who wish to find deeper levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

The talk was recorded at the Nordegg Camping Trip, Canada. Subscribe to get notified of all new videos like this on our John de Ruiter YouTube Channel.

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