Excerpt from a dialogue with John de Ruiter on February 3,  2014

Q: I know that this body will be gone and everything will be gone with it. Life is just like experience, because it comes and it goes; it brings nothing.

John: It comes with an immeasurable opportunity, and that is for you and what you first are. It offers pure awareness the possibility of evolving with great, great speed, because in every little way that pure awareness moves into manifestation, it has accurate and full reflection.

Q: But when there will be full reflection, it will be nothing, because…

John: It’s not nothing.

Q: It’s just there will be no one to experience, so it will be as prior to the body.

John: It’s not at all the same, because within existence, pure awareness is in constant maximum realization. It’s realizing what it is through its own reflections in manifestation.

Q: But this realization is a form of what I am not.

John: What you are not yet, until you realize. As soon as you realize, you – pure awareness – know more.

Q: Is this realization like a switch that stays on, or is it something to be constantly remembered?

John: When awareness evolves, it doesn’t remember. It realizes what it has never known.

Q: Is there an end point to it, or is it just like realizing eternity?

John: Every way that awareness evolves within this physical reality, it needs for what is next. If you’re looking at it from a linear perspective, then you could look at it as a lifetime offering pure awareness the amount of evolution that would normally take tens of thousands of years. It’s not a ‘nothing’. The value of this life is golden. For what pure awareness is, it’s golden.

Q: Sometimes it feels like some objects are moving, sometimes it goes and like everything stops. It’s moving but it stops, like complete stillness.

John: The full stop in this life, for awareness, is when your body dies. Then that opportunity is over and you are in what is next. Whichever way you evolved or not, is what is in the next. This life is not something not to be in. The meaning of pure awareness being in this life is immeasurable – it’s so great. If you could see it for what it really is, your response to the opportunity, your response as pure awareness in recognizing meaning and value, would be similar to a mother holding her newborn baby. As soon as she has her baby, she holds it, and she meets with what is there, meaning and value she has not known before comes into her, and she loves.

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  • jigy says:

    So that is what it means being aware…..being alert to see the opportunity, relaxing into that open space that can then unfold itself. Being an instrument of the formless manifesting itself……. Then there is no separation I realize …. amazing what unfolds

  • Elaine Catton says:

    This beautiful dialogue highlights the absolute preciousness of each moment of our lives, the opportunity to evolve into more of what we are. In that we have a choice to move into and as the ever new, or keep recycling the old. I feel blessed to have glimpsed the truth of this and to know unequivocally that this is the meaning of my life. Thank you, John, for being the living revelation of this.

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