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JdR Podcast 356

Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?

Is it important to be close to someone who can help me deepen my awareness, or can I do it myself? John explains what it is about proximity to a living example that works, and how it accelerates entrance into what we know matters most.

“On any level, having an example greatly accelerates your realization and your learning.”

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the May 20, 2013, Hamburg, Germany Event

Q: To stay in my heart and be aware is really important to me. Then you told me about how important it is to stay with a person who is more aware than you so they can bring you deeper into your awareness. I thought it was possible to do it by yourself, and not so important to be with someone who could bring you deeper. So I would like to hear about why that is so important. 

John: It’s important for you to respond to what you know. When you are in the presence of someone who activates what you know and who activates the deeper levels in you and you’re knowing it, and if knowing and entrance into what’s deeper matters most to you, then you would respond to whatever it is that you know helps you the most. 

Proximity matters. Responding to what you know, within, is you being in proximity to what you know, within. If you know someone who represents that, represents the same, represents your own deeper levels, your own being, your own heart and what you know in your heart, then being in proximity to that person puts you into proximity of what you are knowing in your heart and in the deeper levels, within. 

What you are knowing in that is help. You don’t need any help if you don’t know of any help. If you know that there’s help, if you know it in your own experience, knowing that there’s help for you concerning everything that is deeper within, then for you to respond to what you know is for you to be as close as you can to that help. 

Knowing matters most and, if you are knowing it from within or knowing it from within, in what is outside of your self, for you it is the same. It wouldn’t matter from where you know. It matters that you respond to whatever you do know. That puts you into the stream of knowing, and you’re making that stream of knowing matter more to you than what you’re familiar with, what you’re familiar with in your self. 

The fastest way to realize and learn is by example. When you have an example of what you know the truth of, what you know the truth of is then made real to you. In seeing an example, the levels of knowing in you quickly open, and the levels of seeing in you quickly open. On any level, having an example greatly accelerates your realization and your learning. 

Q: Thank you, John.

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