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Year: 2012

In this conversation, we’re taken into the magical realm of our being. It’s a very different world than the one we’re used to, and we return with a realization that can change our life.

JdR Audio 397

“Belief is super multi-leveled multi-faceted multi-streamed. You’re not knowing any of that at first, until you begin to believe knowing. That brings knowing into what belief is. And you begin to work as awareness, your movement as belief.”

Q: Right after that last meeting I felt as if a little door opened in me. It had to do with what you said about experience being a messenger. Openness and softness took on new meaning. My body started opening and there was more…
Q: I’ve just had an operation for breast cancer and the doctors tell me I should do chemotherapy. I’ve decided not to because if I don’t learn to love and respect myself I will have cancer again in a few years, anyway. I’m hoping…

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