Spiritual Awakening and Innocence: Eliminating Spiritual Candida

When: April 30, 2017 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,

This dialogue begins with the questioner asking “being a nobody” and transforms into a conversation about how to let go of spiritual ways to allow room for real transformation. Just as candida comes from having too much sugar, John guides the speaker to let go of his “spiritual candida” until he can handle more. Topics discussed:
• It’s good to rest in seeing, without needing understanding or interpretation.
• No need to think about it or talk about it, make nothing of it.
• Being relaxed and not applying things too quickly.
• Have no more spiritual sugar. You have spiritual candida.
• What others can handle, you can’t handle, so you need to eliminate all of it until the candida’s gone.
• Your relationship with what you know and what you see is feeding your self.
• For some time – don’t speak about what you know and what you see.
• Don’t speak of the deep, don’t be “”into”” what you know and what you see… and therefore into saying it.
• Your relationship with sugar/with your self – is very tricky.
• Don’t take the fruits – leave them behind you… it’s an illusion…

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