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Stepping into the Truth You Know

October 11, 2021 @ 11:00am

• Awareness relaxed dissolves into consciousness
• Going beyond the comfort zone of your self
• The merging of conscious and unconscious comes by purity of heart
• Living not taking your self to heart
• Intimately coming from your heart toward anyone and anything

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Expansion into other realms opens a tender, divine level of humanness and the deep, inner purpose of being in this life. John describes how this extraordinary development brings with it the integration of masculine and feminine energies, sexuality of a celestial kind, and the power to move as a celestial being.

The gift of being judgment-free has inspired this woman to go deeper into her heart. John shows her how to be taken by the delicacies in a flower, the sky and the stars, and how to follow through by letting these touches of being inform her womanness.

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