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The End Of The Search: Returning To The Beloved Within

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When: October 24, 2002
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: When I retired from work, I felt the need to travel all over the world, thinking that this was to support my spiritual journey. I’ve kept on travelling and now I feel I’m a bit lost. Can you help me find out if I’m on the right path to do what I have to do?

John: When you look into a baby’s eyes, you’ll find the qualities that you’re looking for. Then, identify within your heart what you are seeing from your heart and exist to embody that.

There is not an appropriate practice. A practice will have you doing something that is more limiting, within, than what you are looking for, within. It is much more simple to be absorbed by tenderness, within, giving you very tender seeing. A system of belief or a practice will only distract you from what you are actually looking for.  

What you are looking for, within, is as simple and as obvious as what you would find in a baby’s face … letting such fine qualities very gently permeate everything that you are. That is how you unveil, within, where it is that you came from and what it is that you’re looking for.  

You are not actually lost. You just do not have within your view your first love, within. You’re looking because you know that it’s there, but it is much more simple, wonderful and obvious than you thought.

Instead of looking for something big, be open to see what is very subtle. It is all within the subtle. When that is your seeing, then it is obvious to see.  

It is not something to look for.  It is something to presently enjoy.  

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