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Go to Your Clarity and Let it Guide You

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When: September 1, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q: I had this amazing conversation and connection with you during an informal gathering, and everything changed in me. Everything changed! The days after the meeting I was so relieved and so happy; I just felt like I was home. Suddenly, yesterday, it changed again and I was sad and confused, because I’m going back to Denmark in a week and I don’t know what to do with my life back home.

John: Go back into what opened up for you and the awakening that you knew you were in. Go back to that space and decide what you’re going to do with your life,and don’t involve the space that you’re used to in your self. Whatever’s clear to you from within that space, write it down and then do it. It doesn’t matter what that will cost you. Just do it. Be completely honest to that space. Don’t be honest to your life, because your life doesn’t have the value of that space. The honesty belongs to that space, and not your life. If you’re honest to your life, you’ll keep your life the way that it is.

When you look at what is clear to you in that space, you won’t be consulting with the way that your life is presently put together. The way you choose is either going to cost you the clarity that you were in, or it’s going to cost you the way that your life is put together. The reason that you’re confused is that you’re trying to keep the clarity and stay in that space, and, at the same time, keep your life the way it’s been. You’re not able to do both.

Q: When I’m in meetings I have the feeling that this won’t help me get deeper. Then I get confused, because if the meetings won’t help me, why would I be here?

John: What helps you more?

Q: Being in the connection with you.

John: Then that’s it. Form your life around what is most profoundly helpful for you. A profound change of purpose is really going to be a change of all of your plans.

Q: I feel confused because my flight is in a few days.

John: You don’t need to do what your airplane ticket tells you to do. You could change it, but don’t change it just to change it. Change it if it serves what you are most clear about in a way that’s really practical. Have your feet on the ground in making your decisions. Do the wisest you’re capable of, in very practical ways, for your clarity. If you’re confused, you’re not thinking from within your clarity. If you’re confused, don’t try to sort it out in your thinking. Go straight to what you knew in that space. Return to that space and let it inform your thinking.

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