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When: December 29, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: John, I saw, maybe in a rather primitive way, that each level has a path that wants to move out. There are two parts: the part that is resting in the black, and the part that wants to move out. It felt to me that the black wants to move out.

John: No hands. Express without your hands and without your face and you’ll express more.

Q: Okay. It feels like everything is waiting for that.

John: Yes, and there are basically conditions to be fulfilled. There are steps in you to be fulfilled. It needs a bridge and the bridge doesn’t come from you.

Q: I felt my wholeness was a bridge the other day. It showed in a different way, that why I came into this life was to be a bridge to the other side.

John: It’s not a bridge. It can feel like it. The old way was that you had to get a line across a river or a gorge. To get a line across you can shoot an arrow with a thread, which offers very little resistance. You can shoot that across the ravine, and then with that thread you pull a very light string. With the string you pull a very light rope and with a rope you pull something that is very strong. You pull that tight. Now you have something to carry weight from one side to the other, where you can start to build something. That is going to be the bridge. You need to send across stronger and stronger ropes until you can build the whole bridge. All those steps have yet to follow. The best part is that you know you have something that goes clear across and it connects the two sides.

Q: My sense is that it’s more than just a bridge to connect separation.

John: No hands! When you use your hands, you’ll express less but it feels like you’re expressing more. When you don’t use your face or hands to communicate, you’ll draw much more strongly from within.

Q: The sense I have in my heart is that the sides are becoming one ground, not just being bridged.

John: That’s true. What has already gone across and has a measure of tension on it offers, in a sense, a common ground between the two sides. Something of each side is able to move through.

Q: Freely walking between the levels eventually.

John: You can’t really walk between the levels without the steps.

Q: My sense is more about what is in the future.

John: The future of it is that you’ll be able to move seamlessly between all the levels.

Q: Is that within me or is it a process? I can see that the physical will not represent separation any longer; it will not distract from all the subtleties.

John: The only physical body that represents a separation is the body of your self.

Q: I’m thinking about something you said, or something I heard, that all the levels are present at the same time.

John: Better than what you’re saying is that you’re saying it without your hands and face.

Q: Is it because I have to sit back in what I’m saying?

John: When you don’t use your hands and face for speaking, you come from a deeper place. Your words don’t have the pollution of all those gestures. When you don’t use your hands and your face, that takes a lot of your self out of it. That taking place is more important than what you’re saying.

Q: For me right now?

John: And for quite some time yet. As soon as you realize the value that is there, that it’s greater than anything you can say, then you’re really getting it. Then your speaking is not adorned with your self.

Q: Adorned?

John: Like a tree without Christmas on it. When the tree speaks, it’s not speaking through all of the decorations, all of the stuff that’s on it. It’s a very simple and direct communication.

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