Being Responsible in Conversation

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When: September 16, 2012
Morning Meeting

Q1: Could you say more about moving feeling? Is it about having a positive feeling and then moving it?

John: It’s not necessarily positive feeling; it’s more to begin with something that you know the truth of and then being able to give feeling to what that knowing is. To be able to give feeling to that, you can’t be governed by any particular feeling or especially by your self.

Q1: Is that the way to move without distraction?

John: At first it will be that your moving without distraction is looking only at what you know and not looking at anything else. Ultimately in integrating your self you need to be able to move circumspectly, which means that your seeing is 360 degrees and you’re seeing everything that is able to be seen and you’re moving forward in something that you’re knowing. You’re not confining your seeing just to what you know.

Q1: So then you would be forewarned or you would see the distractions there that now have no influence on you because you’re seeing and you’re liking what you can see, but your intention and your connection is with what’s forward.

John: Yes. And if you’re moving forward in circumspection, you’re also able, in seeing everything around you, to take care of the effect that you’re having on others in what you’re moving toward and how you’re moving. So there’ll be all of these very subtle adjustments, knowing that so and so is going to be affected in such a way and then you’ve moved just slightly differently and then you’ve alleviated something for someone else without engaging something in someone else that they don’t need.

Q2: Not every moment is offering the same opportunity.

John: It’s not all the same. The more you’re doing something that really matters, the more circumspection you’ll be engaging, seeing everything you’re capable of seeing. Seeing all of it and not moving without being in all of your seeing.

Q1: So you’re focusing on a certain direction?

John: You’re focusing on a certain direction but you’re in the seeing of what this direction is going to affect in your self, in your environment, in others. Then you’re really taking responsibility for these steps forward that you’re making.

Q2: And there are different levels of circumspection? You have a greater range of circumspection than I would have and that somebody else would have. But still, it is for me to take care of my ability of circumspection.

John: Where we are on the same level would be that we both are taking care of everything we’re capable of seeing. So it doesn’t matter who sees more. Either way it’s the same level of purity.

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