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Topic: Cinema Night

Exploring the characters and concepts in the movie “Locke”.
– Moving by clarity, under pressure
– Lived-in clarity that is paid for through time and troubles
– If someone is living being really clear, they are generally not distracted.
– If the heart closes then there is no heart in the self.
– A heartless self: A less than human self.
– It’s an open heart that gives the self its humanness
– Separation begins at a subtle level.
– When awareness, on its own, turns away from what it knows, that manifests as a closing in the heart. It shows first in the heart, then in the self.
– Empowering direct knowledge into clarity and empowering clarity into our selves:it’s simple but it costs a lot.
– Relying on clarity is the step right into the self.
– Authentic kindness isn’t learned, it’s a fruit of being.
– The main character coming to love, where he didn’t want to.

The movie showing some of the complex effects in your self of all of these deeper levels of your being that you love bringing into your humanness. Whatever it is that happens in the self and to the self isn’t what is first. To make that first is to lose all real perspective.The quieted heart. The Prawns seen as meaningless: shows how much we don’t see. The actual potential of what we are is just virtually not seen. Realized power and technology. Watching a movie not for entertainment.Innocence, watching unspoiled technology. Becoming advanced humanness.

People ask John questions after watching the movie Arrival. Topics discussed include:
• Real communication occurs when your heart and anything deeper fills your self. – limiting that infilling – is you limiting real communication.
• Within real communication, there is real listening… contingent on your heart and anything deeper.
• misinterpreting something – is conclusion that’s being drawn in your self that in your self you don’t know the truth of, so that conclusion doesn’t have the support of everything that’s deeper than your self.
• As soon as you’re coming from what’s deeper than your self what you come into is that it’s all done
• as soon as you apply that to what matters in your self you separate from what is all done, so you create something that isn’t real: illusion.
• Your self needs to be close to your heart and everything deeper… melts away what you think matters much.
• It’s for your self to take the shape of your heart and everything deeper
• as soon as your self is used to take the shape of what you like and don’t like, what you want and what you don’t want, your self as a separate form from your heart and everything deeper, turns into a kind of mobility and a power that offers no depth of meaning.

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