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John de Ruiter Podcast 506

No Practise, No Path: An Effortless Movement of Being

September 15, 2016 @ 7:30pm

“No matter what, it keeps seeping in.” A conversation showing the endless, transformative ways our being naturally flows into our selves.

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502 – No Longer a Victim of Your Sensitive Self

Others’ anger in his relationships or at work always leaves this person feeling hurt and guilty. Why is this, and how can he live with his super-sensitivity?

491 – Freed from the Illusion of Loss

In this delicate meeting, John shows this person how he can be free of an illusory, long-held story of loss that has become physicalized in his body.

489 – No Longer Torn: Letting Goodness Choose

This person is feeling pain and fear around a big life change she wants to make, but her partner doesn’t. How can this be resolved, and what really matters?

487 – A Gentled, Quieted Heart: The Answer to Your Longing Within

A constant sense of being in a fight with life and in his relationship is explored in this conversation. What’s missing, and how can it be found?

484 – Your Real, Deeper Happiness

Have you ever felt the victim of a broken agreement? John explains the difference between the hurt that comes with broken trust, and the emotional reactivity in becoming a victim. He exposes the core belief that lies beneath and keeps us dependent on others for our own happiness.

476 – Openness Replacing Your Fears

Despite the overwhelming fear that comes up in this person when she expresses herself, she takes the opportunity to talk with John to find out what’s happening and if it can change.

472 – Losing a Loved One: Delicate Connectivity in the Midst of Pain

A tender conversation on heartbreak, loss, and the ever-present availability of an unbroken, deeper-level connection.

457 – Safe to Love: The Dissolving of False Self-Constructs

A decision taken in childhood that it is not safe to love is opened up in this dialogue. John reveals the mechanism and the role of emotion in its creation, and we discover how the whole structure can transform.

452 – Flourishing in the Midst of Emotion and Difficulty

How can we open our heart toward another when there are unpleasant emotions involved? John explains how the need to diminish these negative feelings only feeds them and that it is possible to flourish, deepen and develop in the midst of any difficulty.

448 – What Anger Tells You About Your Life Perspective

What’s really going on when we’re angry? Instead of relating to external ‘causes’ and working on anger as a problem, John takes us into a shift of perspective. He opens a window through which we can see what in us is of much greater value.

430 – Freed From the Burden of Your Pain and Frustration

Frustrated by a lack of understanding, this man feels he’s not getting the help he needs to connect with his heart and the honesty John speaks of. By way of a simple metaphor, John illustrates the way out of frustration into surrender.

426 – Food for a Hungry Heart: Quieted in the Longing for Truth

How do you feed a hungry heart? A disturbing sense of not knowing how to give her heart what it needs brings a surprising answer from John, opening the realness and beauty of her deeper and higher self.

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