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John de Ruiter Podcast 572

John de Ruiter Podcast 572

A Cosmic Cleanse: Taken Over by a Deeper Reality

When: February 6, 2017 @ 10:00am
What is the soul and what is the being? John both answers the questions and transmits the reality he’s speaking of, with guidance for how it can be made physical in this life.
“Everything that is real hinges on you being and doing what you know the truth of.” 
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Podcast Transcript

A Cosmic Cleanse: Taken Over by a Deeper Reality

Q: I have a question. What is the soul compared to the being? What is the difference? The being is what we really are but the soul, what is that?

John: It’s the form of your evolution as awareness.

Q: And what about the being in all of that?

John: Your being is levels and levels and regions of form, all unseen, that perfectly reflect your movement as awareness. Any movement of what you really are is reflected in your being.

Q: You said that the soul progresses fast when we are being what we really are in a body. Then it’s like a super evolution, compared to just being your self and person in life, but doesn’t the soul develop just by coming into the dense physical form and having a person and a self?

John: Not at all. The condition and the development of your soul are reflective only of your relationship as awareness to the truth you know. It’s only as you’re being what you know that your soul develops.

Knowing the truth doesn’t develop your soul. Experiences of any kind don’t develop your soul. You being what you know the truth of in the midst of any experience and any environment develops your soul. Having a self, a personality and a life doesn’t develop your soul. You being what you know the truth of in your self, your personality and your life develops your soul. You, awareness, separating from anything of what you know the truth of, on any level, stagnates your soul.

While you’re in a body, because your soul is evenly distributed within every level of yours, unseen and seen, all the way out through into your personality, it’s the most difficult level to see. It’s the most difficult form to see, and you don’t need to see it. But after you’ve died, your soul is your most prominent form. When anyone meets you, it’s your soul that is seen first. Seeing your soul makes visible, after you’ve died, what your relationship with the truth has been.

Q: So if we live one lifetime, realizing all the way into what we really are and being it, then we pass over to the other side, and do we then need to come back to realize it again if we have done it fully in one lifetime?

John: Don’t count on more than what you have. Don’t count on anything that you don’t directly know the truth of. Concerning the deep in you, don’t at all count on tomorrow. It may not come for you. Don’t count on next year. Don’t count on anything that you don’t have now.

Q: That’s true, but since meeting you I just know so much and I’ve opened so much. I know more and more within my self of what you’re coming from. And my whole body is just being so empowered. It feels so safe and grounded in reality.

John: That’s because you’re taken by the much other kind of movement: levels and levels of movement in your being, all of that movement through what you know has you.

Q: Yeah, it feels different than what I’m used to. My being is moving differently. Is there something I can do?

John: Open to what you know, given to what you know, and moving in what you know.

Q: It’s like a cleaning inside, in my self.

John: A cosmic cleaning of your self. That which you are cleaned by is that which you are being prepared for. You’re being apprehended by that which the communication of your whole life belongs to.

You can speak.

Q: It’s like there’s a very big current taking over my whole body. I’m totally being taken over by reality. But there’s no fear. There’s really nothing to be afraid of with you. This is the real life. So what did you see?

John: Change and transformation from the innermost outwards, shuttling you into the next. What you were once afraid of has now delivered you to the deeper levels of your being. The movement of the deeper levels of your being prepares your body, your self, and your person for your being to have a life in.

Instead of your self and person being grounded in your thinking and your feeling, your will and emotion, your self and your person are grounded in you being what you know in all of the movement of your being: a completely different life.

Many exams are coming to help you in this. Life, in its kindness, is going to test you and wrestle you. If you use your self in the wrestling, you’ll go down very hard. If you move in what you know and as your being, the wrestling draws your being right up into life. You won’t go down hard. You, as a being, come up beautifully.

Q: Is it because my self is not used to it, or is it because the power and the transformation in it’s strong and will take over?

John: There’s a lot of power in it, but it doesn’t move without you being what you really are. The power is there to make your being physical; to give the level of form that you know in your life to your being.

Q: When the being is taking over, is the heart always open? Sometimes it just feels like my heart is just nothing.

John: That means that your heart is that open, and it isn’t your being that is being taken over; it’s your self, your person and your whole life that’s being taken over by your being. All of that movement takes place through what you really are. As long as you’re being it, it all moves. All of this is dependent on you being, unconditionally, at any personal expense, what you really are.

As your being comes up into this life, it’s going to need work-outs. The more that you use your self, the stronger that your self becomes, but the more that you from within your being, the more that your being uses your self, the stronger your being, on the level of your self, becomes.

Q: So do you need to meet every level in the self from the being? Like, it’s good to live a daily life, working and going to school, and by that being what you really are instead of going in a cave for ten years and simply just being?

John: Yes.

Q: So it’s the more difficulty you can be in, in your self, coming from the being.

John: Yes, but don’t create the difficulty or look for it. Life will bring it to you. It will be delivered right to your door.

Q: Being is easy around you, or being on my own and being in nature, but to be around people, that’s more difficult. So it makes sense that that’s the exam or the challenge, being it wherever I go.

John: Not wherever you go, but you be and you do what you know the truth of, despite any ease or difficulty. Everything that is real hinges on you being and doing what you know the truth of.

Q: Thank you for being who you are, and I love you so much. You are the spiritual terminator!

John: Germinator. I germinate your being. Whatever that terminates is a kindness to you.

Q: You’re so funny. (laughter)

John: That’s the sweet voice and words of what’s been terminated.

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