Edmonton Meetings with John, December 3 – 4  Take Part

Month: October

Have you ever felt the disturbing influence of something deep within that you don’t understand? In this dialogue, John speaks of the calling, a profound movement of the truth, within, its purpose, and the effect on an individual self as the forms of illusion fall away.


Q: You’ve spoken about a servant’s heart, and not being deceived by what looks like service but isn’t. The movie ‘The Remains of the Day’ made me reflect on where true service lies. Would you speak more about service? John: Service, within, opens the…


When you live not taking your self to heart, your awareness relaxes and dissolves into consciousness. Going beyond the comfort zone of your self, the merging of conscious and unconscious comes by purity of heart. Then, you are intimately coming from your heart toward anyone and anything.


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