Month: October

John reveals the way in which a tiny bit of warmth, openness and softness can bring about inner transformation, even in the midst of an experience of disintegration and vulnerability.

Q: Right after that last meeting I felt as if a little door opened in me. It had to do with what you said about experience being a messenger. Openness and softness took on new meaning. My body started opening and there was more…
Q: I’ve just had an operation for breast cancer and the doctors tell me I should do chemotherapy. I’ve decided not to because if I don’t learn to love and respect myself I will have cancer again in a few years, anyway. I’m hoping…

JdR Audio 395

“With knowledge also comes a promise. Don’t define it. Don’t label it. Don’t make its coming to fruition dependent on results. The promise isn’t understood. It’s known.”


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