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Location: Scotland

The woman in this dialogue is standing at the threshold of elderhood and needs to discern what’s next for her. John invites her beyond all familiarity into a deeper level, where she would be reconceived by her own deepest knowing, and live as what she will know when she dies.

How to be free of past hurts and conditioning? Is there a method that can help, a spiritual practice? Can meditation help? John explains why methods and spiritual practices ultimately don’t work. Spiritual practices can help bring you to the door of your being, but they can’t take you through the door. It is only a shift of orientation that can take you through the door, into pure you and into freedom from past hurts and from the conditioning in your self.


JdR Audio 137

“When you are being true to what you know in your heart and not true to anything else, your whole heart becomes clean. You are as awareness, in all of your heart, whole. No split. You have oneness of heart. That is greater than enlightenment.”

JdR Audio 136

“Your mental state is determined by what you are in your body. What you are in your body slowly conditions your body and conditions your mind, how your mind functions. What you are in your body affects your own chemistry.”

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