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JdR Podcast 276

What is Truth?

"Cosmic love that calls you: higher than all of this world, most intimate and clean". This is how John concludes his response to this young man asking the fundamental question: "What is Truth?" Listen in to the rest of his answer.

"Truth is this deeper level of connectivity within that touches you, that moves you, that touches your heart and moves your heart." —John de Ruiter

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the January 24, 2018 Tiruvannamalai India Retreat

Q: John, what is truth?

John: It is that which you are knowing deep within, deeper than your self, not understood, not needing to be understood. Truth is this deeper level of connectivity within that touches you, that moves you, that touches your heart and moves your heart. As the truth within is still, when it doesn’t move, then there is seemingly nothing. As it moves even a tiny little bit, that movement is love. As the truth within is still, then all that is deepest within is like a thick, rich blackness, and as soon as the truth moves even just a touch, there’s light. It is that movement and that light that you’re responding to. That light beautifully disturbs your sense of self. It’s an interruption to everything that seems to hold together in your self. That interruption offers you a depth of knowing within that is so much richer than anything to do with your self and your life.

As you’re sitting there, the truth within is apprehending you. It’s addressing you without addressing your self. It addresses a profound “yes” in you that takes you way higher than your self. It brings up an unexplainable, deep, all-the-way-through-to-the-surface alignment in you. It aligns you without you doing anything and, in that way, that profound address to you from the truth within calls you. As the truth moves within, its movement is what moves your being. That movement of being makes deep sense of you without any address to your self. That movement of being doesn’t address your self, it doesn’t address your thinking, it doesn’t address your life or your past. It does so deeply and directly address you. As it aligns you within, that’s your invitation to apprehend what is apprehending you. That’s your invitation to align to what is aligning in you.

In that alignment, there is a tiny little bit of the beyond that opens in you. That touch of the beyond that opens in you makes your self still, while profoundly activating you, drawing you in, answering you. Your whole sense of what is real shifts, and there it isn’t your self and your life that is what is first real to you, but it’s that little touch of the beyond that opens in you that is real beyond anything that you’ve known before.

The truth is everything that you are deeply responding to as you’re sitting there. It is all that you have ever really looked for, and as it apprehends you all that there is in you is the deepest, most quiet, complete “yes”. Once you have been this deeply addressed within, this deeply apprehended within, there is clearly nothing else for you. What remains is that it is for you to apprehend this, for you to apprehend this, within, as much as this is apprehending you, within, and to suffer no distraction from this. Everything that appeals to your self doesn’t appeal to this within.

As you remain in this, within, in the midst of your self and your life, your self will shift and your life will shift which is what enables your self to belong to this. It opens your life to belong to this. With that shift, your self and your life fundamentally change. That means that everything that is yours belongs to that which most deeply apprehends you within, belongs to what you are apprehending within, an inner alignment that follows through because of your response: an inner alignment within that follows through, aligning everything that is yours to the truth within, to you

This is like cosmic love that calls you: higher than all of this world, most intimate and clean.

Now you see.

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