JdR Podcast 314

What You Do With Your Heart Matters More Than What You Do With Your Life

How can I live in what I know of beingness, and the busy-ness of daily life? John’s response takes the questioner to see what he will know on his deathbed, when what matters most will be clear and can be lived for, now.

"Whatever it is that you give your energy to is what you mean, in life, regardless of what you think."

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the September 15, 2016, Boulder, USA Event

Q: What you’ve been speaking to us about, beingness, I resonate with and find it easy sometimes, but there are two different worlds that I seem to be living in: one is that, and the other is the day-to-day work and kids and busy-ness. I want to know if you would speak to meshing those two worlds.

John: Just one, sweetly, before the other – the one sweetly mattering more than the other in a way that is, in weakness, immovable. Your life and your self as you’ve known it, will pass away. What you really are, and your being, won’t. That tells you what your self and your life are for. Your self and your life belong to what won’t pass away, but you won’t be in that unless you’re living that.

Whatever it is that you give your energy to is what you mean, in life, regardless of what you think. That makes your mental beliefs of little import. What will really matter in your last hour deathbed, when you’re quieted in it, is not so much what you’ve done with your life and what you’ve done with your self. What will matter to you is what you’ve done with your heart, and, deeper than that, what you’ve done with your awakenings. To bring the two together, live with your death dearly in your heart. It helps you to see what you, deep within, know matters most.

Q: My mind goes to: How do I act and what do I do? What do I make of my life?

John: First, it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life. What career you have matters little. Any creative venture that you enter matters little. What you are being in the midst of whatever it is you do matters everything.

When you’re open and soft in your heart, when you’re being what you really are, you absolutely will do. There’s no greater impetus to doing and to action than being what you really are in the midst of whatever self you have. It’s what you easily see in little children. They don’t need a plan for their day. You could curtail whatever it is that they’re doing and they’ll just spring to life in something else. It doesn’t actually matter much to them what they do. They love doing – if they’re still at home, within.

You know how to merge the two. You used to be really little. No one had to teach you how. That’s when you were easily happy without a reason, and that creatively showed up in whatever you did. Whatever it is that you do in your life belongs to your being. Move into a personal sense of sovereignty and then it wouldn’t matter what you do, you’ll easily get lost.

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