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Staying True to the Sunshine of Awakening

March 7, 2021 @ 11:00am

Using the analogy of awakening as the experience of golden sunshine, John explains what's happening when clouds seem to cover it, and how to remain oriented to your love of the sun.

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When we work hard, have projects and goals, it can be difficult not to be dependent on the outcome. Striving for success and a fear of failure – how to overcome this source of stress? In this talk John offers keys and codes on how to connect your life on the surface with deep inner beingness.

Watch as John speaks to young adults about how to deal with difficult people at work. John encourages us to deepen in our spiritual awakening rather than relating to the frustration that comes with difficult people in the workplace. When we allow ourselves to develop and mature our spiritual awakening, with time, we grow wiser and become more balanced in learning how to deal with difficult people at work. “If you’re going to be your awakening, I’m giving you the short route.” – John de Ruiter. This is a great introductory talk for people who experience someone being angry at work and want to give feedback but don’t know how.

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