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Staying True to the Sunshine of Awakening

March 7, 2021 @ 11:00am

Using the analogy of awakening as the experience of golden sunshine, John explains what's happening when clouds seem to cover it, and how to remain oriented to your love of the sun.

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Does the inner work of a spiritual path help us to go home, within? What is the role of the mind in awakening and how can we return to our natural authenticity? In these two dialogues, in words and in silent connection, John explains how to live as awareness relaxed, in the heart, without need of healing or spiritual work. He describes the potential of consciousness, the meaning of being in a body, and the way to live and meet as what we really are.

This man has had vivid experiences on his spiritual journey but it has taken a lot of energy. He feels disconnected from everyday things, making difficult even his wish to find a partner. John shows him where the problem lies, how to be with his spiritual experiences, and how to become ready for a real relationship.

In this Q&A dialogue the questioner asks about a magical experience that occurred while meditating, and John explains it's not really about the meditation but that she shifted into the magicalness of innocence, of how she was when she was really little.
• It's not about meditation or techniques – anything you use you make stronger, If you use a technique, you make it stronger. You can't use anything of your self or any tool to return to innocence. The self is meant to express your innocence, what you really are.
• If you want to make it difficult, use techniques and employ a spiritual path.
• It is as direct, simple and really lovely as it was for you when you still moved in your innocence. All the codes are in you. You don’t need a tool to enable those codes. Your return to those codes activates them. It’s your return to what you know the truth of in your heart without any help from your self.

In this video clip from the Tiruvannamalai live meetings and live streams with John de Ruiter, the questioner asks about Sri Ramana Maharshi’s process of self inquiry, asking ‘Who am I?’ and the connection to John’s teaching. John explains that asking ‘Who am I?’ can only take you to the awareness of the ‘I’ and that the real question should be ‘What am I?’ which can only be known, without thought or feeling, in direct realization.

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