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Beyond the Matrix of Illusion

May 22, 2021 @ 7:30pm

What makes the world exist, and how can a person live and work in this life without participating in a matrix of illusion? In this short, direct conversation John describes how it’s possible to live in the world from our deepest heart and be only real, letting everything pass away that will pass when we die.

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Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to directly communicate with your unborn child, being to being, where real parenting begins. Are you a parent, or planning to be? Share your thoughts with us on this latest video.
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The questioner is pregnant and would like to really feel, open and soften to the being growing inside her. She feels cut off from feeling this as deeply as she actually can.
– This being communicates to you, bypassing your self. When you are about your self you will miss it. When you are quietly in your heart you will be moved and touched beyond your understanding.
– It’s a whole different level of communication.
– This is the most beautiful opportunity to listen to another being in a completely different way.
– Relating directly to your child, Being taught by your baby
– What you’ll come into as your baby is newly born is a paramount teaching.
– Get to know this other language: the only real language of parenting. You will make so many mistakes, but if you’re coming from within this language, all of your mistakes will be beautiful.
In all of your parenting, you don’t need to get everything right. You need to get into this language.

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