The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being In This World

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Introducing a new book by John de Ruiter, The Intelligence of Love


Focusing on relationship, parenting and sexuality, The Intelligence of Love puts
into words how profound honesty changes life from the inside out, how the
vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.


In meetings I show others dimensions within, greater than the world without. There is far more within us than we perceive of the universe, our planet, our lives. Within our interiors are myriad levels of form, like the world outside of ourselves, with systems, structures, and relationships. You can let these deeper streams into your heart, changing you from the inside out. When we move with authenticity as awareness, that movement isn’t going to be as thought and feeling; it is the movement of the being, and that movement is love.


– Excerpt from The Intelligence of Love by John de Ruiter



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4 reviews for The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being In This World

  1. Tyler Enfield

    The Intelligence of Love is the second book by Canadian philosopher John de Ruiter. Comprised of transcripts from public dialogues around the world, de Ruiter’s teachings encompass an extraordinary spectrum of real world considerations, including conscious parenting and relationships, sexuality, love, and anger. As each topic is introduced, de Ruiter breaks down the complex into its simplest components, revealing the practical application of his underlying philosophy: Profound honesty is a cure-all.

    The Intelligence of Love offers a rare glimpse into the world of one who has cracked open life’s most enduring mysteries, and gone on to the share the genius of these discoveries in simple, clean language. We have a treasure here— a peerless philosophy.

  2. Fiona Stolze

    I so loved receiving and being able to read John’s first book, “Unveiling Reality”, three years ago. I kept it by my bed and dipped into it again and again, amazed at the strong transmission that I felt in every sentence. The whole concept of “core splitting honesty” was such a revelation to me and one that I loved. I was therefore really excited to hear that there was another book in the making: “The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being in This World”. On reading the very first page, I already felt that beautiful flow of energy that I have come to know so well when reading or listening to John’s words. However, I noticed, too, that this new book has a very different feel to it from the first one. There is so much more contained within its pages in terms of ease of entry to the teachings.
    The first obvious difference is that there is a beautiful and thoughtful glossary contained within the book. This helps those new to John’s work understand his terminology and open more easily to his teachings without being distracted by the mind trying to work out what the words mean. I also love how there is a combination of dialogues John has had with various meeting attendees around the globe as well as talks he has given to those gathered to meet with him at various events. The texts are arranged according to different topics such as living from the heart, relationships and parenting. This lets the reader choose where he or she would like to start reading. In the dialogues the reader can often identify with the speaker and fully relate to what is being opened up. That has been my own experience so many times. I find that John’s free-flow talks are a wonderful invitation to step into much more honesty and change my whole perspective on life and how I am being.
    I would recommend to anyone who is new to John’s teaching to start with this lovely book, as it is more structured than his first one, and it offers a helping hand to get started. When I picked up “The Intelligence of Love”, I just kept on going until I reached the last page. I will read it many times again, as it is such a treasure. I would also fully recommend going straight on to read the first book too. One thing is for sure. Reading John’s books answers you and brings the searching to a stop.

  3. Mei-Chi Chan

    This book begins with the heart and ends with the heart – and like the heart, the book is a doorway to resonances of truth that can be entered and dwelled in. Sometimes the purity and power in just a few sentences would be enough for me.

    The topics touched upon carry both depth and span: from different dimensions and subtleties of awakening, being, and consciousness – to how that is manifested practically and in life through relationships, parenting, sexuality and many aspects of living.

    I was just speaking with a friend who met John recently – she was marvelling at how naturally and and magically her awakening with him was moving through her life. She kept saying “it’s so easy!” – and not quite daring to believe it. I would like her to have this book because it so fully answers the questions she has about what is happening to her with the same purity, ease and fullness that she is now knowing and experiencing. For new people it is a great introduction to John’s teaching. To those of us who are more familiar with John, this book contains myriad sparks to re-ignite the knowing in our hearts and brings more cohesive understanding and perspective to what we are directly absorbing through meeting with John.

  4. StarTraveler

    I love this book! It’s a straight forward guide into the heart of what we are! Love! I especially recommend the chapters on relationship and parenting to anyone in an intimate relationship or raising children…. I am deeply grateful for this rare glimpse into the mind of such an amazing being. I highly recommend “The Intelligence of Love” to everyone!

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