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Introduction from the ‘Unveiling Reality’ PDF EBook

Waking up is not necessarily pleasant:
you get to see why all this time,
you chose to sleep.

When you wake up, the first thing you will see is
Reality does not exist for you, you exist for it.
Shocking as it is, when you let it in,
there is rest.

You do not have to labor anymore
to hold together a reality that does not exist;
forcing something to be real that is not real.

You and this life you have been living are not real …

In letting it in,
even through the shock… pain… shattering,
there is rest.
Reality is when all you want to know is what is true…
just so that you can let it in and be true.

Reality is not a safe place for you –
the you that you have created.
It is the only place where you would die;
where there is no room for your hopes, your dreams.

Once you have let it in,
once you begin to re-awaken; to let Reality wake you up,
nothing can get it out.
That is the beginning of your end.
Waking up can be much more painful
than the agony of your dream, but waking up is real …

And there will be integration: a merging of Reality and you.
You and Reality will become one
in a world that does not
accept nor want one, but two.

You will become a beloved servant
instead of a controlling master…

John de Ruiter
3rd Publication – October 2015
Edmonton, Canada

Excerpt from Unveiling Reality © College of Integrated Philosophy Publishing, 2000.
All rights reserved.

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