John de Ruiter Let’s Meet Groups

Join an existing John de Ruiter Let’s Meet Group or form your own.

If you live far from John, the Let’s Meet Groups are your way to get together with friends, watch videos of meetings and stay in touch with the teachings. They are your direct connection!

We spend most of our time just trying to keep up with mundane things, while the most important area, the domain of the heart, waits quietly. When we are simply quieted and gentled in our heart, it answers us, and other dimensions can stir and grow within when we meet others from the heart.

John’s teaching helps us to uncover the world of meaning within us, which we know and live through openness and softness of heart. It’s interwoven in our bodies and brains, and we can feel it open when we’re together.

The College of Integrated Philosophy, John’s home base, loves to support all who are interested in realizing and moving in deeper levels. We look forward to receiving any feedback, requests or suggestions from the Let’s Meet Groups on how we can help you to stay connected with John’s teachings.